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2009 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Color Blind Award: Goes to New in Town for Renée's color-shifting dress.
No Truth in Advertising Award: Goes to Good Hair for making its documentary look more like a comedy a'la Barbershop. Compare it to the dramatically different festival poster.
Best URL Award: Goes to Brüno for its site at
Great Minds Think Alike Award #1: Goes to the creators of the posters for Jennifer's Body and True Blood, which both showed up at pretty much the same time.
Wrong Stardate Awards: Go to the early Star Trek posters made when the film was still planned for a 2008 release.
Most Photogenic Crotch Award: Goes to Daniel Day-Lewis in the poster for Nine. It must be simply amazing if that's all those photographers are interested in.
Funniest Critic Blurb Award: Goes to Colin featuring the FHM quote: "The most touching film about a decomposing corpse you'll see all year".
Best Obama Impersonation Awards: Go to the In the Loop and Real Time With Bill Maher posters for their take on the famous Shepard Fairey Obama poster.
Who Needs to See the Title? Award: Goes to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for fitting only a fraction of the title on the poster. One is Hapitter Bloo-Ince and the other is y Po.
Great Minds Think Alike #2 Award: Goes to Cold Souls for its poster which bears a striking resemblance to the Swiss ad campaign for "The Insight Story". Check out the article at The Font Feed (part way down the page) for a discussion regarding the similarities between the two campaigns.
Most Appropriate Bus Shelter Poster Award: The "humans only" poster for District 9.
Random Sparks Award: Goes to the poster for Angels & Demons for featuring a serious Tom Hanks, some creepy statues, and totally random sparks..
Scariest Trio Emerging From a Plane Award: A tie between those creepy female chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and those creepy singers in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.
Wildest Hair Award: Goes to Leon Burchill in the Australian poster for Stone Bros.
Worst Tagline Pun Award: A tie between Monsters vs. Aliens for "Ooze gonna save us?" and Sherlock Holmes for "Holmes for the Holidays".
Multiple Personality Poster Award: Goes to Madea Goes to Jail. Like the posters for several other Tyler Perry films, the teasers advertise a serious drama and the final posters advertise a comedy.
Most Baffling Poster Award: Goes to this design for 9 which had people scratching their heads and wondering what it was. For the record, it is a giant QR Code or 2D barcode which can be scanned with a cell phone to allow access to an exclusive video for the film.
Best Homage Award: Goes to I Can Do Bad All By Myself for their design that was just a wee bit reminscent of Straw Dogs.
Heaviest Title Award: Goes to Sunshine Cleaning featuring a title so heavy that it takes two people to carry it.
Most Dangerous Title Award: Goes to World's Greatest Dad.
Decapitation Awards: Go to G. I. Joe and Ninja Assassin for giving their subjects a bit too much of a hair cut.
Most Unusual Credit Placement Award: Goes to Public Enemies for showing Johnny Depp peeing out the credits.
Most Ridiculous Tagline Award: Goes to Crossing Over. Imagine it in a different way: "Every day thousands of people illegally shoplift... only one thing stands in their way. Stores."
Most Mathematically Confusing Tagline Award: Goes to Subdivison for its tag line: "Love plus loyalty, multiplied by pride, divided by money, equals Subdivision".
Whitewashed Award: Goes to the international Couples Retreat poster for removing black actors Faizon Love and Kali Hawk, prompting accusations of racism.
Most Reflective Sand Award: Goes to Year One. Or was plexiglass invented earlier than we thought?
Sexy Frenchmen Awards: Go to the French posters Cyprien and The French Kissers featuring a bunch of guys you do not want to bring home to meet the parents.
Oddest Promotion Award: Goes to Play the Game for allowing people to download their own "dancing grandpa".
Most Verbose Poster Award: Goes to Big River Man for its rather long-winded description (70 words in all) of the title character. Fortunately, it presents the words in an interesting way. Running a close second is the poster for No Impact Man (which only has 69 words).
Best Poster Made up Entirely of Words Award: Goes to Antichrist.
DVD Prozac Award: Goes to The Open Road DVD cover for keeping the same basic artwork as the poster but giving Jeff Bridges a big smile.
Most Slappable Face Award: Goes to Matthew McConaughey for his annoyingly smug expression on the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past poster. For more slap-worthy posters of his, check out Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
Cavemen of the Year Award: Goes to the poster for The Twilight Saga: New Moon for featuring a vampire and a werewolf who look more like Neanderthals still trying to figure out how to invent fire. Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob, this is Team Gronk and Team Gongolath.
Largest Tagline Award: Goes to Taken for taking up two thirds of the poster.
Best 3D Advertising Awards: Go to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Monsters vs. Aliens, and My Bloody Valentine.
Best Poster Neutering Award: Goes to the Korean film Thirst for making a few minor changes to their poster after the initial version was deemed too sexual.
and finally...
Most Annoying Expression Award: Goes to Jay Chandrasekhar (the guy wearing glasses) in the poster for The Slammin' Salmon. Previous winners include Donny Osmond, Ice Cube, the entire cast of Accepted, and Ice Cube (again).

Thanks for checking out this year's Internet Movie Poster Awards. Hope you enjoyed them. Have a good 2010!