2022 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

As They Made Us Movie Poster

As They Made Us

On a technical level there isn't anything too egregious about the design of this poster. But it's painfully boring and meaningless. Just the four lead actors staring at us. It could be a family drama. It could be a heist movie. Tweak the tagline a bit and it could be a horror film. It's just plain bland.

Fistful of Vengeance Movie Poster

Fistful of Vengeance

Where do we start with this one? The man who looks like he has a unicorn horn coming out of his forehead? The woman who looks like she just sneezed into her hand? The man in yellow who appears to be giving the building an injection? Or the ludicrous fighting poses of the two ladies at the bottom? No matter where you look, this poster is one hot mess.

Orphan: First Kill Movie Poster

Orphan: First Kill

Everything just feels off with this poster, like we are looking at action figures for the actresses instead of the real people. To make things worse, it's a completely meaningless scene. Aside from the but of photoshopped blood and the uncanny value of these characters there's nothing particularly creepy about the image and it tells us almost nothing about the film.

The 355 Movie Poster

The 355

Sure, we've all seen dozens of action films where they place the entire cast in a kind of pyramid formation. But you can't just slap them in any old way and be done with it. This random pile of characters is just laughable in the way they've been tossed together. All the more fun if you picture them all riding on the back of that motorcycle.

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