2022 IMP Awards - Best Teaser Movie Poster Nominees

Don't Worry Darling Movie Poster

Don't Worry Darling

This teaser tells us little about the film aside from the era in which it is set. But the unusual image of a small plane plummeting to Earth through a sky that seems more like water tells us that something's not right in this idyllic setting.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Poster

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Googly eyes play a small but important role within the film so it makes perfect sense to create a teaser poster out of nothing but googly eyes. An original idea that gives just a hint of the craziness to come.

Men Movie Poster


There's something beautiful and eerie about this design. Trapped in the darkness of the tunnel, we want to escape to the bright greenery beyond, but a lone figure stands in the way. Could they be friendly? The subtle skull made by the scenery seems to suggest otherwise.

Vengeance Movie Poster


It looks like it is already too late for this character. He has walked right into the trap and it's ready to be sprung. A brilliant way of representing the basic story of an outsider coming to rural Texas and getting in way over his head.

X Movie Poster


Something wicked this way comes... That's the thought that comes to mind when seeing this teaser. We can't even see this woman's upper body but we can be pretty sure she is up to no good. The pose, the coloring, and those little flecks of blood around the ankle all point to serious trouble.

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