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2011 IMP Awards - Best Poster Nominees

The Descendants
For a film dealing with a man trying to reconnect with his somewhat estranged daughters, this poster does a great job of putting us in the mind of Clooney's character as he looks at his girls, seemingly so far away from him, with what's likely a sense of regret and hope. A simple but lovely design.
The Devil's Double
The characters in this movie are all about excess. And this poster reeks of it. The guns, the clothes, the regal chair, even the rather obvious bulge in the man's pants. Oh, and if that's not enough, EVERYTHING is coated in gold. A very eye-catching design that drives home the concept of the film.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
If you want to get someone's attention, this is the way to do it. Any fears that the remake of the Swedish film would be dramatically toned down for American audiences should've been put to rest with this poster. Although it likely wouldn't have made the walls of many theaters, people were still talking about this image months later.
The Ides of March
How do you capture two big name actors when you only have room for one face? This design does a great job of merging George Clooney and Ryan Gosling together using a copy of Time Magazine. Each actor is clearly recognizable while at the same time they've created a rather creepy hybrid of the two of them.
The Tree of Life
A beautiful poster that manages to, with a single image, capture a big part of the magic and wonder of life, a major theme of the film.

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Nominees for best overall movie poster can be chosen from any official theatrical poster for a feature film that received a US release in the past year.