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La isla mínima

From Spain comes the new poster for La isla mínima.

Monday, July 28th, 2014 2:34pm

Relatos salvajes

Thanks to Cine1 for sending us three character posters for Relatos salvajes.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 12:37am

The Incident, The Guest

Just added the recent international poster for the Mexican film The Incident. Also from HeyUGuys we have the UK quad for The Guest.

Friday, July 25th, 2014 11:45pm

20,000 Days on Earth

Just added two new posters for the UK film 20,000 Days on Earth. [Thanks to Indiewire for the heads up.]

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 4:19pm

Mr. Turner

Just added a hi-res version of the new UK poster for Mr. Turner. [Thanks to ScreenRelish for the heads up.]

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 11:15am

The Returned

Thanks to Luis and Boomgers for sending us the Mexican poster for The Returned.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 11:00am

Realidades de humo

From the film's Facebook page come three posters for the Mexican film Realidades de humo.

Friday, July 18th, 2014 11:23pm

Astérix: Le domaine des dieux, The Animal Condition

Thanks to Mike Markus for the latest French poster for Astérix: Le domaine des dieux. Also, from IMDb comes the poster for the documentary The Animal Condition.

Friday, July 18th, 2014 1:24pm

My Mistress

Just added the new poster for the Australian film My Mistress.

Monday, July 14th, 2014 9:41am

One Million Dubliners

Just added the new poster for the Irish documentary One Million Dubliners.

Saturday, July 12th, 2014 5:53pm

La cueva, Borgia

Just added the new poster for the Spanish film La cueva. Also, thanks to cuth_bert for the TV poster for the new season of the French series Borgia.

Saturday, July 12th, 2014 4:54pm


From Empire Online comes the new UK poster for Wakolda.

Friday, July 11th, 2014 12:11pm

Palmeras en la nieve

Just added the new teaser poster for the Spanish film Palmeras en la nieve.

Friday, July 11th, 2014 11:01am

Zero Motivation

From Israel we have the recent poster for Zero Motivation.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 2:24pm

Desert Dancer, Messi, Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie

Just added recent posters for Desert Dancer, Messi, and Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie.

Monday, July 7th, 2014 1:35pm



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