2023 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

The Boogeyman Movie Poster

The Boogeyman

A minimalistic and creepy design that immediately conveys the terror of a child caught in the clutches of the unknown title creature.

Evil Dead Rise Movie Poster

Evil Dead Rise

What can be better than Mommy's love? Well, pretty much anything by the looks of this poster. A creepy and disturbing design.

Saw X Movie Poster

Saw X

It's hard to tell exactly what's going on here based solely on the poster but we know we don't like it. The terrified expression on the victim's face tells us they are about to experience something horrific and this image wisely leaves most of it to our imagination.

Swallowed Movie Poster


This design showcases the kind of body horror that would likely make David Cronenberg proud. A grotesque poster giving us a hint at the film's plot that involves swallowing unknown packets to smuggle across the border. A nightmare scenario.

Talk to Me Movie Poster

Talk to Me

A creepy hand (seemingly covered in the names and pleas of previous victims) coming out of the darkness. It tells us little about the plot but certainly grabs our attention.

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