2022 IMP Awards - Not So Serious Awards

The Deepest Forehead Wrinkles Award goes to Adrien Brody in Clean.

The award for derpiest character poster goes to Perrito in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

The best retro posters award goes to these three designs for Scream.

The Recycling Award goes to Not Okay for featuring their first poster in their second poster.

The Strangest Character Poster Award goes Bowtruckle in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

The "I Hope This Poster is to Scale" Award goes to Prey for giving us an impossibly large predator - and reminding us of Matthew McConaughey's infamous leap in Reign of Fire.

The "I Hope This Poster is not to Scale" Award goes to the Ambulance teaser for featuring some insanely huge bullet holes in the title vehicle.

The Rowing Poet Award goes to the poster for Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song. Yes, he's actually just holding his cane, but at first glance he looks like he's rowing a dory.

The Worst Poster We Forgot to Nominate Award goes to the poster for #Float for it's horribly Photoshopped flotation devices.

The Worst Poster We Didn't Nominate Because it was Bad on Purpose (we hope) Award goes to The Lost City's ridiculously over the top design.

The award for Best Dueling Taglines goes to Thor: Love and Thunder for "The one and only" and "The one is not the only".

The Best Seth Rogen Impersonator Award goes to Jake Short in the Sex Appeal poster for making us think this might be a prequel to Knocked Up.

The Best Tagline Award for a non-existent movie goes to Raccacoonie for "He's going from dumpster diving to fine dining!".

The Second Best Tagline Award for a non-existent movie goes to Cliff Beasts 5: Space Fury for "In space... no one can hear them chew".

The Best Poster Remake Award goes to Firestarter for its recreation of the 1984 design.

The Awards for Most Headache Inducing Posters go to Minions: The Rise of Gru and Scream.

The Best Smile Award goes to Stephen Graham in the poster for Matilda.

The Most Disgusting Poster Awards go to Triangle of Sadness and Soft & Quiet.

The "Ear-iest Poster Award goes to Crimes of the Future for the disturbing image of Ear Man.

The Cutest Animal Character Poster Award goes to Disenchanted for its adorable squirrel.

The Cutest Stuffed Animal Character Poster Award goes to Slumberland for Pig.

The Most Confusing Release Date Award goes to Blonde for warning viewers to beware Sept 8 but then giving Sept 28 as the release date. Looks like Sept 8 referred to its release at the Venice Film Festival, but without that context it is kind of baffling.

The Best and Worst Tagline Pun Awards both go to Enola Holmes 2 for "You can't handle the sleuth" and "Judo-n't mess with her".

The Hidden Demon Award goes to Dio: Dreamers Never Die for tucking Murray, the band's mascot, into the bottom right corner of the poster.

and finally...

The Best Alternate Poster Award goes to this imaginative design for Deep Water.

Thanks for checking out our annual awards. Hope you enjoyed them!

Here we take a look at some of the highlights, lowlights, or just plain oddities in the movie poster world from the past year.

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