2021 IMP Awards - Best Teaser Movie Poster Nominees

Candyman Movie Poster


Though not as iconic as Freddy Kreuger's knife glove or Jason's machete, anyone familiar with the original Candyman character will immediately recognize the title character's weapon of choice. For anyone else, this creepy image of a deadly hook dripping honey and attracting bees is still bound to send a shudder through them.

The Green Knight Movie Poster

The Green Knight

This eye-catching design tells us little about the plot but grabs our attention with its striking image and gives us a hint at the unique character designs of the film.

The Matrix Resurrections Movie Poster

The Matrix Resurrections

A simple but memorable teaser that brings back Neo's choice between the red pill and the blue pill from the original film, seemingly offering him a second chance.

Old Movie Poster


The falling sands of time, often used as a metaphor for aging and death, takes on a more literal meaning in this eerie design as the grains of sand turn into human bodies.

Spencer Movie Poster


This single image manages to perfectly capture the splendor and anguish in the life of Lady Diana.

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