2021 IMP Awards - Best Action Movie Poster Nominees

Army of the Dead Movie Poster

Army of the Dead

It's hard not to have a movie poster set in Vegas without having neon lights and this design makes memorable use of them as it highlights the cast on a slot machine of doom.

Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Poster

Godzilla vs. Kong

No need to highlight the actors when you have a title like this one. All we want to see are the two monsters in all their glory. And this design does a wonderful job of showing off the sheer size and destructive force of the two beasts.

Nobody Movie Poster


After playing Saul Goodman, it might be hard for many people to picture Bob Odenkirk in a heroic action role. So instead of giving us a typical heroic shot of the main character facing off against many enemies we get what could be considered an anti John Wick poster, with him getting pummelled, perfectly setting the stage for this unlikely hero.

Prisoners of the Ghostland Movie Poster

Prisoners of the Ghostland

We may not have any idea what's going on in this poster but our curiosity is certainly piqued. A giant pile of skulls, samurai, mannequins, neon lucky cats, and so much more. Add in a blurb from the star himself saying that this is the wildest film he's ever made and you have one memorable poster.

The Suicide Squad Movie Poster

The Suicide Squad

A poster that just shows off the characters of the film can often be pretty bland. But when the characters are as memorable as this squad is, you really don't need anything else.

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