2020 IMP Awards - Not So Serious Awards

The Confusing Advertising Award goes to the poster for The Money Plane for telling us of an "explosive casino heist in the sky" and then showing us people battling around a plane sitting on the runway.

The Best Use of Negative Reviews Award goes to The Hunt for plastering its poster with critical blurbs calling the movie "sick", "dangerous", "not appropriate", and labelling all Hollywood as "demented and evil".

The Most Confusing Tagline Award goes to No Small Matter for the tagline of "Their now is our future". We kind of understand what they mean by it but surely there was a clearer way of saying it.

The Mixed Message Award goes to the conflicting taglines for 23 Walks for telling us that "Sometimes love is a walk in the park" and that "Love isn't always a walk in the park". Although they both technically mean the same thing, their suggestions are quite opposite.

The Please Don't Make This a Trend Award goes to the The Wolf of Snow Hollow poster for slapping a "Certified Fresh" logo on the design. Don't ever do that again.

The Least Flattering Movie Poster Award goes to Easy Does It for showcasing Linda Hamilton's crazy looks for the film.

The Top Thing We Did Not Expect to See on a Movie Poster in 2020 Award goes to The Vast of Night for bringing back the "coming soon to drive-in theaters" message.

The Most Shocked Expression Award goes to Elijah Wood in the Come to Daddy poster.

The Bye Bye Bachelor Award goes to Love, Weddings & Other Disasters for keeping almost everything the same on the second poster but giving Andrew Bachelor the boot in exchange for Diego Boneta.

The Random Animal Placement Award goes to My Boyfriend's Meds for deciding to drop a cat into the pool for some unknown reason.

The Best Critical Blurb Award goes to Yes, God, Yes for the Hollywood Reporter's review calling the film "masturbatory in the best way possible".

The "I Hope This Poster is to Scale" Award goes to Fatman for having a bewildered Walton Goggins stalked by an impossibly huge Mel Gibson.

The Most Illegible Title Award goes to Arkansas for making their fancy title so hard to read that they felt the need to have a second copy of the title directly beneath it.

The Most Adorable Poster Award goes to Scoob! for this oh so cute poster featuring a young Scooby-Doo and Shaggy.

The Creepiest Character Poster Award goes to the Witch in Gretel and Hansel.

The Creepiest "Not Quite a Character" Poster Award goes to the voodoo doll in Spell.

The Best Special Occasion Posters Award goes to Sonic the Hedgehog for a batch of silly Valentine's Day cards between Sonic and Robotnik.

The Big Enough Award goes to Harrison Ford in the poster for Call of the Wild. Give him a cowboy hat and he could be singing from the mountains with Jimmy Barnes.

The Craziest Character Poster Award goes to Tumbleweed in Trolls World Tour.

The Most Annoying Expression Award goes to Craig Ferguson for looking more condescending than enamored in Then Came You.

and finally...

The Best Spoof Posters go to Unhinged for their spoofs of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Thanks for checking out our annual awards. Hope you enjoyed them!

Here we take a look at some of the highlights, lowlights, or just plain oddities in the movie poster world from the past year.

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