2018 IMP Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Most Hilarious Photo Credit Award goes to Michael Muller (for a second time) for his photography credit for the nearly microscopic shots of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in the teaser poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The Worst Non-Rhyming Tagline Award goes to Blue Iguana for having us try to make mullets and bullets rhyme.

The Award for Redundancy Award goes to the French poster for Book Club for feeling it necessary to show photos of the four main actresses right beneath a photo featuring the four main actresses.

The Cage at His Cage-iest Award goes to the Japanese poster for Mom and Dad for highlighting Nicolas Cage as his most manic.

The Best 3D Advertising Award goes to Deadpool 2.

The Picture's Worth a Single Word Award goes to the poster for Blockers for substituting fowl for foul language.

The Last Minute Cowardice Award goes to Bad Times at El Royale for bravely showing only the backs of all its stars in the main image but then jamming their faces in at the bottom.

The Multiple Personality Award goes to Hugh Grant in Paddington 2 for his numerous character posters.

Worst Movie Poster that Didn't Get Nominated Award goes to Tomb Raider. Alicia Vikander's Photoshop neck surgery would've guaranteed it a nomination for worst poster but we were asked to remove the poster shortly after it debuted.

The Defying the Laws of Gravity Award goes to the Skyscraper poster for having Dwayne Johnson making a clearly impossible leap. We especially liked James Smythe's analysis of what would've happened in real life.

The Truth in Advertising Award goes to the various international posters for Sherlock Gnomes for the small print telling viewers that the characters do not actually go to the countries featured in the poster.

The Most Iconiclastic Posters Award go to this Chinese series of posters for The Predator featuring the title creature using a computer, break dancing, skateboarding, and shooting hoops.

The wrtuihl;' Award goes to the first poster for Searching since that is what you'd actually get if you hit the corresponding keys on a regular keyboard.

The Best Seasonal Poster Award goes to Paddington 2 for its "Dreaming of an Orange Christmas" design.

The Life is UnFaris Award goes to these Mexican posters that completely ignore leading actress Anna Faris.

The Most Honest Critical Blurb Award goes to Godard Mon Amour for quoting Godard himself as saying the movie was a "Stupid, stupid idea".

The Nothing But Credits Award goes to Always at the Carlyle for its design made up entirely of its cast (and a few straight lines).

The Uncommon Common Award goes to the South African poster for Hunter Killer for letting Common take the spotlight away from Gary Oldman.

The Disoriented Award goes to the German poster for Crazy Rich Asians for retitling the film to just Crazy Rich.

The Biggest Floating Head Award goes to Paul Rudd in the poster for The Catcher Was a Spy.

The Most Dramatic Change in Intensity Award goes to these two posters for Creed II with Michael B. Jordan's emotions cranked up to 10 and Sylvester Stallone's dialed down to around 0.

The Award for Best Movie Poster pun goes to Smallfoot for "Yeti or not here they come".

The Award for Worst Movie Poster pun is a tie between Dog Days ("Is your love life on paws?") and Show Dogs ("He's putting police work on paws to go undercover").

The Smiling Through the Pain Award goes to Andy Serkis for his character poster in Black Panther. Despite being in obviously bad shape he is the only character on any of the film's posters to actually have a smile.

The Award for Rudest Poster Series goes to The Grinch for its various outdoor advertising mocking Hollywood, traffic jams, housing prices, gluten intolerance, and more.

The Kaleidoscope Award goes to the posters for Double Lover and The Unwilling that would still look good if you accidentally hung them upside down.

The Laziest Poster Award goes Shock and Awe for having one of the most painfully generic posters of the year.

The Most Annoying Expression Award goes to Tiffany Haddish for Nobody's Fool. Runner-up is Kevin Hart for Night School which, coincidentally, also features Haddish.

The Happiest Expression Award goes to Steve Coogan for Ideal Home. (Though we fully understand if you think that expression should also be included in the "most annoying category".)

The Most Inappropriate Poster Award goes to the French poster for The Happytime Murders for obvious reasons.

The Award for Best Poster Spoof goes to Ready Player One for its version of the poster for Labyrinth. Runners-up are the Goonies inspired poster for the same film and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

The Award for Weirdest Poster Spoof goes to Sherlock Gnomes for inexplicably referencing Deadpool.

and finally...

The Most A-Maze-ing Poster Award goes to this set of Chinese posters for Maze Runner: The Death Cure that found mazes in all sorts of interesting places.

Thanks for checking out the awards this year. Hope you enjoyed them!
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