2017 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

Alien: Covenant Movie Poster


Yes, horror movie posters can be works of art. One can imagine this was the scene for those soldiers left behind after the first disastrous encounter with the Xenomorphs in Aliens. Disturbing and beautiful.

Get Out Movie Poster

Get Out

This design takes one of the more disturbing scenes from the film and makes great use of the contrast between black and white with the image and the title credits.

It Movie Poster


It would've been so easy to promote this film with the scary image of Pennywise taking up the entire poster. But subtlety is often much better. In this case they take elements from one of the story's memorable early moments and give us a very disturbing design. Half hiding the clown's creepy face within the balloon is definitely a case where less is more.

It Comes At Night Movie Poster

It Comes At Night

When it comes to horror, what you don't see can often be more frightening than what you do see. What does the dog sense in the darkness? We have no idea. But we don't want to find out either.

Mother Movie Poster


Even without the open heart surgery there is something eerie about this artwork. The porcelain-like Jennifer Lawrence just seems a little too perfect to be real, crossing into the uncanny valley. Then add in the element of a mother literally offering her heart to someone and you've got one memorably disturbing design - even if it would likely never find itself on the walls of a multiplex.

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