2016 IMP Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Most Annoying Expression Award goes to Renée Zellweger for Bridget Jones's Baby - which happens to be almost the exact same poster expression from the previous film.

Worst Website URL Award goes to Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation for YMIstillhere.com.

Strangest Credit of the Year Award goes to This Last Lonely Place for touting that the film was executive produced by the estate of Humphrey Bogart.

International Incident Award goes to the Arrival for causing outrage after including Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower in the Hong Kong skyline.

Hidden Message Award goes to Passengers for spelling out SOS in Morse code within the design.

Most Subtle Title Treatment Award goes to The Whole Truth for almost hiding the film's title (and the names of the lead actors) amidst a wall of text.

Most Blatant Phallic Symbol Award goes to Dirty Grandpa for that gas pump handle in Zac Efron's hand. Runner-up would have to be Deadpool.

Most Ridiculous Character Poster Award goes to Sausage Party for giving Douche his own poster.

Creepiest Character Poster Award goes to Samuel L. Jackson's frightening poster from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Best Optical Illusion Award goes to The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

Sneakiest Advertising Award goes to Deadpool for their billboard promoting the film as a romantic drama for Valentine's Day.

Worst Fashion Statement Award goes to John Cusack in The Cell for that extremely unflattering winter cap.

Breakfast Clubbing Award goes to Seoul Searching for its homage to the classic 1985 poster.

Most Adorable Poster Award goes to Finding Dory for those cute otters.

That's Not a Poster, It's a Collage Award goes to Burning Bodhi for tossing up thirteen images from the film, hoping at least one of them sticks.

Poster Offspring Award goes to Satanic for looking like the love child of Besetment and The Bronze.

Best Critic's Blurb Award goes to Ava Possessions for We Got This Covered's "The Hangover, but with a lot more demons".

Most Unfortunate Mud Placement Award goes to Ben-Hur for making Jack Huston appear to be desperately trying to avoid his horse's explosive diarrhea.

Doppleganger Award goes to Sergei Polunin for looking more like Elijah Wood in the documentary Dancer than Elijah Wood does in the poster for The Trust.

Most Presumptive Tagline Award goes to Hacksaw Ridge for assuming that a normal prerequisite for becoming an American hero is firing bullets.

Least Deserving Character Poster Award goes to Jonah Hill in Hail, Caesar! for getting his own poster despite only having around two minutes of screen time.

Most Embarrassing Poster Award goes to Dirty Grandpa for featuring Robert De Niro masturbating in his La-Z-Boy chair.

Most Flexible Pose Award goes to Keenan Kampa for her seemingly impossible poster for High Strung, which she actually did do, though under slightly different circumstances.

Utterly Oblivious Award goes to Cyborg X for featuring Eva Mauro striking a pose while firing a giant bazooka into Danny Trejo's back.

Separated At Birth Award goes to Hunt for the Wilderpeople for its striking similarity to The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Truth in Advertising Award goes to The Late Bloomer for saying the film was "Based on the (Mostly) True Story". When every exorcism / possession / supernatural movie is touted as a "true story" these days, even that slight nod to honesty is appreciated.

Most Intense Stare Award goes to Matthew McConaughey in almost every poster for Free State of Jones.

Most Evil Looking Hero Award goes to Gerard Butler for looking more like a villain in this London Has Fallen poster.

Best Hashtag Award goes to Bad Santa 2 for #ThisIsBS.

Ugliest Character Poster Set goes to the original Danish posters for Men & Chicken.

and finally...

Spoiler of the Year Award goes to the Australian poster for 10 Cloverfield Lane for casually giving away the ending of the film.

Thanks for checking out the awards this year. Hope you enjoyed them!
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