2016 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

Ace the Case Movie Poster

Ace the Case

Just one of those unfortunate posters where nothing really fits together. All the separate images may be fine on their own but combined, they're a mess. The girl with the giant bunny seems to realize she's part of the poster but Susan Sarandon is clearly oblivious. And what exactly is going on with that dog's leash?

Bad Hurt Movie Poster

Bad Hurt

It seems clear that some people have not learned the lesson from the infamous X-Men: First Class posters. It is very difficult to put people's faces inside other people's bodies without it just looking silly. Especially disappointing after a very nice teaser poster for the film.

Brother Nature Movie Poster

Brother Nature

Something is seriously fishy about this poster, and we're not just talking about that thing trying to nibble on Taran Killam's ear.

I Am Wrath Movie Poster

I Am Wrath

In recent years Nicolas Cage and John Travolta appear to be competing to see who can have the worst posters. This year it's Travolta's turn as he seems to have his head transplanted on someone else's body. Or maybe it's his face transplanted onto someone else's head. Whatever the case, he is definitely not all there.

Search Engines Movie Poster

Search Engines

Another case where you can't just slap a bunch of faces on a poster and call it a day. What are these people doing? Are they waiting for the turkey to give birth? All the people on the left are looking to the right and all the people on the right are looking to the left, but what are they looking at? Clearly nothing on the poster.

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