2016 IMP Awards - Best Teaser Movie Poster Nominees

Doctor Strange Movie Poster

Doctor Strange

There's definitely something strange going on with this teaser poster. We may have no idea what exactly is happening here, but it certainly grabs one's attention with some colorful artwork.

The Forest Movie Poster

The Forest

Many of the best horror film posters are a combination of creepy and beautiful and this teaser poster is certainly both. The face of a frightened Natalie Dormer merges into trees and nooses in this memorable design.

High-Rise Movie Poster


The point of a good teaser is to tease and this design does a wonderful job of that. A lovely car, a nice high-rise building, and someone about to meet a very unpleasant end.

Patriots Day Movie Poster

Patriots Day

From a distance it looks like the US flag in tatters. More closely we see that it is all made up of shoelaces. A great concept.

Angry Birds Movie Poster

Star Trek Beyond

Paying homage to the Star Trek posters of old, this beautiful design captures the excitement of seeing the Enterprise in action. And does anyone else see some faces in the clouds?

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