2016 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

Blair Witch Movie Poster

Blair Witch

Tree branches seem to merge together to create the Blair Witch symbol. But look closer and you'll see that the symbol is made up of bodies. Creepy and eye-catching.

Don't Breathe Movie Poster

Don't Breathe

Is this an image of a woman covering her own mouth to stifle a scream? Or do those hands belong to someone else? Either way, it's a disturbing poster.

The Forest Movie Poster

The Forest

This design is equal parts beautiful and creepy as Natalie Dormer seems to be forming out of trees and roots..

The Green Room Movie Poster

The Green Room

Inspired by the album cover of The Clash's "London Calling", a punk rocker trades in his guitar for a bloody machete, giving us just a glimpse of the film's brutality.

The Witch Movie Poster

The Witch

An eerie and beautiful image of a seemingly naked woman taking a moonlit stroll through the woods.

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