2016 IMP Awards - Best Action Movie Poster Nominees

Deadpool Movie Poster


Action, comedy, and some childish sexual humor. That pretty much sums up both the movie and this naughty poster for Deadpool.

Doctor Strange Movie Poster

Doctor Strange

The title hero steps out of a portal into a kaleidoscope of worlds in this beautifully mind-bending poster.

The Jungle Book Movie Poster

The Jungle Book

A wonderfully detailed image of all the jungle creatures anxiously watching as Mowgli comes face to face with King Louie for the first time.

Now You Seen Me 2 Movie Poster

Now You Seen Me 2

Great concept as we look down upon the cast trapped within a maze of cards.

The Legend of Tarzan Movie Poster

The Legend of Tarzan

This design wonderfully captures the conflict of Tarzan as he clearly stands out despite trying to blend in with his fellow great apes.

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