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2012 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

Cabin in the Woods
Although not a particularly creepy poster for a horror film, Cabin in the Woods is not your typical horror film. The Rubik's Cube design tells us that nothing is as it seems in this place.
The Woman in Black
Very simple and creepy. This design wisely focuses on the title character and her collection of ghostly children instead of just trying to sell it with Daniel Radcliffe's image.
In Their Skin
What initially just looks like an eerie double exposure of a family photo becomes all the more disturbing when you realize that these aren't the same people superimposed on one another. The design perfectly captures the concept of the film: one family trying to take over the lives of another.
Although the "based on a true story" line might inspire laughter, the image itself is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Gotta love the creases in the skin as the thumb digs into this poor lady's temple.
Bringing back memories of the poster for Visiting Hours this skull image made up of someone's deranged video collection manages to hint at the plot of the film while still providing a creepy image.

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