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2007 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Best Poster for a Movie That Ceased to Exist: The remake of Revenge of the Nerds may have died, but not before this memorable teaser poster was produced.
Paying Homage Award: Goes to Surf's Up for their penguin version of the Ocean's 11 poster.
Most Unusual Title Layout: Goes to Youth Without Youth for the mirrored titles and director credit.
Most Confusing City Skyline: Goes to the international poster for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem which inexplicably features a pre-9/11 New York skyline.
Most Annoying Expression Award: Goes to Ice Cube (once again) for the Are We Done Yet? poster.
Best Handling of an Awkward Plot: A three-way tie. The posters for Zoo, Lars and the Real Girl, and Teeth found ways to successfully represent bestiality, love with a life-sized doll, and vagina dentata in their designs.
Longest Tag Line: Goes to September Dawn for its three paragraphs describing the plot. Otherwise, we might have mistaken the film as being a remake of Zardoz, with Jon Voight playing the giant flying head.
Most Original Release Date: Goes to The Tripper for "On 4.20 hippie blood will trickle down".
Best Poster to Display in a Bus Shelter: The shattered glass from The Condemned
Worst Tag Line Pun: Awarded to Daddy Day Camp for "This summer is going to be in tents." (Cuba Gooding, Jr. also deserves the runner-up prize for most annoying expression.)
Best Poster Spoof: Delta Farce for their take on the Full Metal Jacket design.
Most Peculiar Couple: Philip Baker Hall and his feathered friend in Duck
Most Confident Poster: The poster for Fracture describing the film as "A Super Intelligent Thriller".
Best Poster Ruined by Floating Heads: Ghost Rider.
Best Babbling Blurb: Goes to Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe describing Hannah Takes the Stairs by saying "Blissful! Joe Swanberg has an uncanny talent for making the randomness of downtime feel as alive as it seems generationally true."
The Matrix Reloaded Decapitation Award: Goes to The Lookout and American Gangster.
Best Typo Award: Goes to Look for their series of posters containing the word "opitical".
Most Adorable Poster: Goes to the international poster for Ratatouille.
Airport Metal Detector Award: Goes to Smokin' Aces for packing enough weapons to equip a small army.
Most Vacant Stare Award: Goes to Alice Eve in the poster for Starter for 10.
and finally...
Poster Least Likely to Be Seen at a Megaplex: The Hostel Part II poster featuring a headless and topless lady.