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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Not So Serious Awards

Most Annoying Ensemble: Why would anyone in their right mind want to see Accepted based on this poster?
Most Provocative Poster: Death of a President for its obituary for George W. Bush. (Not to mention the "See it happen in theaters" tagline.)
Biggest Poster Spoiler: For some reason I get the feeling that something BAD is going to happen to Michelle Trachtenberg in Black Christmas
Worst Indigestion Award: Goes to Edward Norton for his painful pose on the Down in the Valley quad
Over My Head Award: Goes to the Date Movie poster. The IMP (and presumably the MPAA) did not see the sexual reference in "happy ending".
Most Popular Tagline: Sometimes you have to go back to move forward. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back. Sometimes it's hard moving forward without first looking back.
Most Dramatic Teaser to Final Poster Transformation: Madea's Family Reunion. Tyler Perry wins once again. As soon as Madea's face shows up on the poster, it becomes painfully cheesy.
Biggest Floating Head Award: Tim McGraw's gigantic floating head in Flicka
Biggest Head Award: Helen Mirren's head is so huge on this poster they could only fit half of it in.
Wilson Award: Awarded to Goal for showcasing that special bond that a man can have with his sports equipment.
Most Peculiar Promotion: Posters for Flushed Away offering you "Slugs on ur mobile".
Most Ironic Poster: Goes to the French poster for Deja Vu that includes a definition of the term.
Most Sexual References in a Single Poster: The UK quad for Date Movie for featuring everything from a condom as an O in the title, to referring to it as an unprotected comedy.
Most Literal Use of Floating Heads: Mini's First Time for having the "floating heads" actually in the water.
Hiding in Plain Site Award: Goes to Robin Williams for going completely unnoticed (by the IMP, at least) on the poster for Night at the Museum
Best Poster Remake: The Good German for imitating the original poster for Casablanca
Best M*A*S*Hed Posters: Goes to Running With Scissors and The US vs. John Lennon for paying homage to the original.
Best Duet: Goes to two posters for The Prestige that were meant to be displayed together.
Most Product Placement: Goes to Talladega Nights for Will Ferrell's NASCAR jacket featuring Wonder Bread, POWERade, Nextel, Good Year, etc.
Bloody Unusual Award: Saw III for mixing a vial of Tobin Bell's blood in with the paint to create the original poster print.
Poster Least Likely to Be Seen at a Megaplex: Shortbus. Crudely drawn penises just aren't quite ready to hit the mainstream yet.
Most Revolting Poster: Big Momma's House 2. There are some things you see that you wish you could unsee.
Most Awkward Photo Shoot: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. Did they have to pose for this shot or did the designers simply use their imagination?
Biggest Phallic Symbol: Goes to Hostel for the poster featuring a creepy masked guy holding a big chainsaw. Runner up goes to the poster for Superman Returns. Some people just see Superman hovering over the U.S. Others see Florida as representing more than just the Sunshine State.
Worst Poster Pun: The Ant Bully for "Make larvae not war."
Worst Math: Bobby. There are 24 actors listed but only 22 of them have "lives linked by a moment the world would never forget".
Most Ironic Censorship: Because of the minor nudity, several major newspapers would not run ads for the censorship documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated. Meanwhile, the poster for Shut Up and Sing features the nude Entertaiment Weekly shot of The Dixie Chicks. However, the US version of the poster has them covered up with towels. Also, in all versions of the poster the term "Dixie Sluts" was softened to say "Dixie Bimbos".
Don't Call it a Movie Award: Goes to M. Night Shyamalan for his "bedtime story" and Steven Soderbergh for his "experience".
Linda Blair Award: Goes to Sharon Stone for her revolving heads in the posters for Basic Instinct 2. Look closely at the second poster and you will notice that they forgot to change her head in the reflections.
Best Diagonal Credits: It may have started with The Towering Inferno but The Inside Man takes diagonal billing to a whole new level.
Multiple Personality Award: Goes to Stormbreaker. No, wait, it's Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. No, that's not it, it's Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker. Three posters, three different titles!
and finally...
Quick Shave Award: Goes to the international poster for 16 Blocks that decided that Bruce Willis looked better without the mustache.