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2006 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Teaser Nominees

Black Christmas

What a good teaser ought to be. A simple but effective image that gets the idea of the movie across. The blood spattered Christmas ornament tells us all we need to know.

A wonderful way of introducing the film to people by showing the grinning car peeking out from beneath the cover. Also cute that they say it is from the "manufacturers" of The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.
Lady in the Water

This poster puts the tease in teasers, giving us a mysterious image of wet footprints and the promise of a bedtime story from M. Night Shyamalan.
Snakes on a Plane

A great image to go along with a memorable film title. Some have complained that the way one of the snakes loops around the bottom of the plane is impossible, but it is still very eye-catching.
Superman Returns

The famous Superman logo, but redone to look more high tech than before, telling us we can look forward to a whole new super hero.

and the winner is...