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"You're nothing without family" - Blue Collar Boys (2012)

"You're one of us now." - Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

"You're only as strong as your next move." - Begin Again (2014)

"You're only human" - Airlock (tv)

"You're only young forever once." - Newcastle (2008)

"You're only young once, but you remember forever." - Liberty Heights (1999)

"You're warned" - Scary Movie 3 (2003)

"You've been summoned by your new boss to a confidential late night meeting. A drink is on the table and your future is on the line. But before you can catch your breath, an unwanted sexual advance has put you in the most compromising of positions. Now, it's going to be your word... against hers." - Disclosure (1994)

"You've got one life to live. What's it gonna be?" - Double Happiness (1995)

"You've got to believe in treasure to find it." - King of California (2007)

"You've got to get on to get off" - Shortbus (2006)

"You've got to know a secret to tell a secret." - The Samaritan (2012)

"You've made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas." - Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

"You've never seen activity like this." - Scary Movie V (2013)

"You've never seen anything like it." - Romper Stomper (1993)

"You've never seen football like this" - Shaolin Soccer (2003)

"You, free and single. Again. Let the party begin!" - Get Over It (2001)

"Young ones! Parental units! We summon you!" - Coneheads (1993)

"young, free and soon not to be single..." - East is East (2000)

"Young. Beautiful. Deadly." - Savages (2012)

"Young. Sweet. Innocent. Deadly." - Hanna (2011)

"Young. Wild. Hungry." - We Are What We Are (2010)

"Younger. Smarter. Funnier. Earlier." - Jimmy Kimmel Live (tv)

"Your body is 93% water... no one is safe." - Live Wire (1992)

"Your body. Their experiment." - Abducted (2013)

"Your brain. His gain." - LFO: The Movie (2013)

"Your darkest secrets will be revealed." - The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2010)

"Your days are numbered" - 28 Days Later (2003)

"Your dreams are just a step away." - Stepping Out (1991)

"Your dreams won't save you." - Nightmare Man (2007)

"Your fantasies are only a phone call away. Let your fingers do the walking." - Mouth To Mouth (1997)

"Your fate has been adjusted" - The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

"Your fate is never sealed." - Buried (2010)

"Your favorite movies are going to be destroyed." - Disaster Movie (2008)

"Your favorite planet." - My Favorite Martian (1999)

"Your favorite stars as you've never seen them before" - Stars in Shorts (2012)

"Your fear is their desire" - The Flock (2007)

"Your food. Your medicine. your healthcare. Has all been..." - Doctored (2012)

"Your future has been adjusted" - The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

"Your future would be in good hands... if she had any." - The Haunted Mansion (2003)

"Your girl ain't a freak like me" - Notorious (2009)

"Your greatest creation is the life you lead" - Tarnation (2004)

"Your journey terminates here" - Creep (2005)

"Your life can change in an instant" - Night Train to Lisbon (2013)

"Your life can change in an instant. That instant can last forever." - The Life Before Her Eyes (2008)

"Your life is on the line" - Phone Booth (2003)

"Your luck just ran out." - Leprechaun (1993)

"Your makeover needs a makeover." - B.O.R.N. to Style (tv)

"Your mind is the scene of the crime" - Inception (2010)

"Your mind is the scene of the crime." - Inception (2010)