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"You won't last the night" - House of the Dead (2003)

"You won't see him coming" - Devil May Call (2013)

"You would if you could." - Lie to Me (aka Fling) (2008)

"You wouldn't want to meet these pinheads in an alley" - Kingpin (1996)

"You'd die to see these rings." - Scary Movie 3 (2003)

"You'll be dying to stay" - Turistas (2006)

"You'll believe a man can fly." - Superman (1978)

"You'll believe that pigs can fly!" - Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010)

"You'll die laughing..." - Stitches (2012)

"You'll laugh again! You're cry again!! You'll hurl again!!!" - Wayne's World 2 (1993)

"You'll laugh because it's not your family. You'll cry because it is." - Stuart Saves His Family (1995)

"You'll laugh until you die... ...then you'll rise from the dead and laugh again." - Dracula: Dead And Loving It (1995)

"You'll laugh! You'll sing! You'll dance! You'll sit up and beg for more!" - Rover Dangerfield (1991)

"You'll laugh. You'll cry. You might even cock-a-doodle-doo." - The Little Red Truck (2008)

"You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl." - Wayne's World (1992)

"You'll learn to love her. Warts and all." - Nanny McPhee (2006)

"You'll love the service they give..." - Gas Pump Girls (1979)

"You'll never believe how close we came." - Thirteen Days (2000)

"You'll never feel safe in your home again" - Them (2007)

"You'll never guess her secret" - Orphan (2009)

"You'll never know what bit you." - Lake Placid (1999)

"You'll never look at dinner the same way again" - Food, Inc. (2009)

"You'll never look at sharks the same way again." - Sharkwater (2007)

"You'll never run home faster!" - Billy Club (2013)

"You'll never see it coming" - Phantom (2013)

"You'll pay for this." - Trade (2007)

"You'll root for them all... but you'll never guess who wins." - The Cannonball Run (1981)

"You'll think you know. No one is beyond suspicion." - Traces of Red (1992)

"You're all stuck in nothing jobs, amounting to absolutely nothing!" - Servitude (2011)

"You're different from anybody I ever met..." - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

"You're either part of the solution or part of the problem." - The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011)

"You're going to use him like a little meat pupper" - In the Loop (2009)

"You're gonna love this baby." - Sin City (2005)

"You're invited to a very unusual family reunion. Santa's brother is coming to town." - Fred Claus (2007)

"You're invited to the graduation. Dead or alive." - The Vampire Diaries (tv)

"You're invited to the party of the decade!" - Block Party (2006)

"You're never quite ready for what life delivers." - Delivery Man (2013)

"You're never too broke to fall in love." - The Last New Yorker (2010)

"You're never too old to believe in a dream. Or too young to make one come true." - Two Bits (1995)

"You're never too young for a midlife crisis." - The Last Kiss (2006)

"You're never too young to die." - Stormbreaker (2006)

"You're nobody till somebody loves you." - Strangely in Love (2013)

"You're not the only one who had an awkward phase." - Mortified Nation (2013)

"You're nothing without family" - Blue Collar Boys (2012)

"You're one of us now." - Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

"You're only as strong as your next move." - Begin Again (2014)

"You're only young forever once." - Newcastle (2008)

"You're only young once, but you remember forever." - Liberty Heights (1999)

"You're warned" - Scary Movie 3 (2003)

"You've been summoned by your new boss to a confidential late night meeting. A drink is on the table and your future is on the line. But before you can catch your breath, an unwanted sexual advance has put you in the most compromising of positions. Now, it's going to be your word... against hers." - Disclosure (1994)