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"Two brothers, one dream, and a hundred ways to get it." - Phantom Halo (2015)

"two brothers, one soul" - My Brother (2007)

"Two brothers. Divided by law. Bound by loyalty." - We Own the Night (2007)

"Two brothers. One choice." - A Family on Edge (2013)

"Two brothers. One dream. No rules." - Drift (2013)

"Two brothers. United by friendship. Divided by destiny." - The Prince of Egypt (1998)

"Two can keep a secret. If one of them is dead." - A Good Marriage (2014)

"Two can reach higher than one. Eight will touch a miracle." - Pride (2007)

"Two captains. One destiny." - Star Trek Generations (1994)

"Two choices. Dying is just one of them." - Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

"Two cities. One hopeless romantic." - Paris-Manhattan (2012)

"Two cops are going undercover on the exotic island of Eden. But to crack this case they'll have to flash more than their badges." - Exit To Eden (1994)

"Two cops on the trail of a brutal killer. They must see as one, they must act as one, they must think as one, before the next victim falls." - The Bone Collector (1999)

"Two cops. One mission. No mercy." - Skin Trade (2015)

"Two countries, two loves, one heart." - Brooklyn (2015)

"Two countries. Two cultures. One chance at love." - The Other End of the Line (2008)

"Two cultures. Two traditions. One love." - I Can't Think Straight (2008)

"Two dads, one toy, no prisoners." - Jingle All The Way (1996)

"Two decades ago scientists sent a message to space. This... is the reply. Our time is up." - Species (1995)

"Two decades ago scientists sent a message to space... This... is the reply. Be intrigued. Be seduced. Be warned." - Species (1995)

"Two decades ago we sent a message to space. This is the reply..." - Species (1995)

"Two delinquents. The perfect disguise. The perfect getaway... Until she came along." - Suits on the Loose (2005)

"Two different worlds. One true love." - Pocahontas (1995)

"Two ends. One beginning." - Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny' (2006)

"Two espressos. No mobile, No sex while working." - The Limits of Control (2009)

"Two estranged brothers. One strange trip." - Awful Nice (2014)

"Two evil geniuses. Too brilliant to be caught. Except by each other." - Like Minds (2006)

"Two faiths. Two worlds. One love." - Partition (2007)

"Two families. One feud. No going back." - Shotgun Stories (2008)

"Two friends are about to cut one Hollywood big shot down to size." - Big Fat Liar (2002)

"Two friends. One journey. No limits." - Just Like a Woman (2013)

"Two friends. Two worlds. One dream." - Someone Else's America (1996)

"Two garbagemen who know when something smells funny!" - Men at Work (1990)

"Two good cops. One bad situation." - The Glimmer Man (1996)

"Two guys. One job. No rules." - The Promotion (2008)

"Two halves of an ancient puzzle are the only hope." - Double Dragon (1994)

"Two hearts. One beat." - Shout (1991)

"Two iconic women. One passion." - Reaching for the Moon (2013)

"Two infant tiger cubs, separated from their parents and each other." - Two Brothers (2004)

"Two kids, a mall, a million in cash, ... what could go wrong?" - Christmas in Wonderland (2007)

"Two killers. One contract. No rules." - AB Negative (2013)

"Two lives. Changed forever. With just one click." - Twinsters (2015)

"Two lives. One accident. Ten songs." - Hit 'n Strum (2012)

"Two lives. Two voids. One secret." - The Truth About Emanuel (2013)

"Two lost souls. One last chance." - Everyone's Going to Die (2013)

"Two lovers risking it all. One story, untold until now." - Little Ashes (2009)

"Two lovers. One chance. No time." - Fire with Fire (1986)

"Two men born a century apart. Bound together by 20,000 feet of film." - Saving Brinton (2017)

"Two men bound by a secret only one of them knows." - By the Sword (1991)

"Two men driven to tell the truth... whatever the cost." - The Insider (1999)

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