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"There are some secrets only time will tell" - A Thousand Kisses Deep (2012)

"There are some secrets we cannot escape" - 10x10 (2018)

"There are some things in life you can't control. Fame, lust, murder, and Katrina." - Suburban Mayhem (2006)

"There are some things you just don't do." - My Boss's Daughter (2003)

"There are still real heroes. Sometimes the facts get lost in the headlines." - One Tough Cop (1998)

"There are those who kill violently!" - The Driller Killer (1979)

"There are those who sweep and those who pay others to sweep" - The Door (2012)

"There are three sides to every love story." - Kissing a Fool (1998)

"There are three sides to every story." - Gypo (2005)

"There are three sides to every story." - Kissing a Fool (1998)

"There are two kinds of pain." - House of Cards (tv)

"There are two sides to every family." - Brothers (2009)

"There are two sides to every lie" - The Imposter (2012)

"There are two sides to every lie." - Deceiver (1998)

"there are two sides to every love story" - Conversations with Other Women (2006)

"There are two sides to every love story" - The Trouble with the Truth (2012)

"There are two sides to every love story" - The Last 5 Years (2014)

"There are two sides to every love story. Don't believe either one of them." - Speechless (1994)

"There are two sides to every story... Here are both of them." - Melinda and Melinda (2005)

"There are two sides to every war, and John Smith is on both of them." - Last Man Standing (1996)

"There are two things a woman knows: What she's looking for and what she'll settle for." - The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)

"There are very good reasons to be afraid of the dark." - The Dark Half (1993)

"There are winners... There are losers... Then there's Harold." - Unbeatable Harold (2009)

"There are worlds beyond our own - the compass will show the way." - The Golden Compass (2007)

"There are worse things than being torn apart by critics..." - Theatre of the Dead (2013)

"There are worse things than dying." - Wind Chill (2007)

"There comes a time to cut loose" - Footloose (2011)

"There comes a time to put away childhood things. But some things just won't stay put! Look who's stalking!" - Child's Play 3 (1991)

"There glows the neighborhood" - Deck the Halls (2006)

"There goes the bride." - Imagine Me & You (2006)

"There goes the neighborhood" - Monster House (2006)

"There goes the neighborhood." - A Day Without a Mexican (2004)

"There have been many courtroom dramas that have glorified tThe Great American Legal System. This is not one of them. A comedy of trial and error." - My Cousin Vinny (1992)

"There have been many great drivers but only one great passenger." - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (1994)

"There is a cure, if you can pay the price" - Altered Skin (2019)

"There is a cure. If you can pay the price." - Altered Skin (2019)

"There is a fate worse than death." - Night of the Living Dead (1990)

"There is a fate worse than death." - The Exorcist (tv)

"There is a hell. This is worse." - The Void (2017)

"There is a line between humanity and divinity..." - Leaves of the Tree (2015)

"There is a man. A man who has swum 22,000 miles of the worlds deadliest waterways. A man that laughs in the face of crocodiles, piranhas & giant anacondas. A man who drinks 2 bottles of wine a day. A man who has braved the Yangtze, the Danube & the Mississsippi and will now do battle with the mighty Amazon. His name is Martin Strel but you can call him... Big River Man." - Big River Man (2009)

"There is a place the unexpected calls home" - Skinwalker Ranch (2013)

"There is a reason they woke up" - Passengers (2016)

"There is a time for heroes." - Saints and Soldiers (2004)

"There is a time in your llife when you have to go beyond the expected and do something extraordinary." - Alan & Naomi (1992)

"There is a way to be good again." - The Kite Runner (2007)

"There is a world hidden within our own." - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

"There is an intruder. It's you." - The Dead Room (2015)

"There is darkness" - Let Us Prey (2014)

"There is enchantment in the light." - The Lighthouse (2019)

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