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"The incredible rise of Misty Copeland" - A Ballerina's Tale (2015)

"The incredible story behind the REAL superhero" - With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2011)

"The incredible story of the search for America's musical past" - Two Trains Runnin' (2016)

"The incredible true story behind Scarface and Miami Vice" - Cocaine Cowboys (2006)

"The incredible true story of a love imprisoned." - Steal a Pencil for Me (2007)

"The incredible true story of a small town with a big sound" - Muscle Shoals (2013)

"The incredible true story of gold medal champion Jesse Owens" - Race (2016)

"The incredible true story of how gold medal champion Jesse Owens made history" - Race (2016)

"The incredible true story of the man who fooled an entire country" - Smoke & Mirrors (2016)

"The inside story of how a champion battled to change the world" - The Battle of the Sexes (2013)

"The inside story of the world's greatest manhunt." - Patriots Day (2016)

"The inspiring true story of a rebel who found his cause" - Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

"The inspiring true story of the world's worst singer" - Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

"The intersection where family, honor and betrayal collide." - 10th & Wolf (2006)

"The inversion is coming" - Buster's Mal Heart (2017)

"The Irish countryside will never be the same" - Turning Green (2009)

"The issues have reached new depths" - Gasland Part II (tv)

"The Jew who dealt with Nazis" - Killing Kasztner (2009)

"The JFK assassination as you've never seen it before" - Parkland (2013)

"The jizz is up" - The Babymakers (2012)

"The job is very easy. It pays very well. All you have to do is put on a uniform, sit in the chair and never let it open." - The Door (2014)

"The joint venture that will have you rolling in the aisles." - Saving Grace (2000)

"The joke is on us..." - Gags The Clown (2018)

"The journey begins." - The Nativity Story (2006)

"The journey begins." - The Croods (2013)

"The journey continues..." - The Endless Summer II (1994)

"The journey ends" - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

"The journey ends" - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

"The journey is the destination" - The Invisible Circus (2001)

"The journey of 'A Chorus Line'" - Every Little Step (2009)

"The journey of a lifetime" - Life of Pi (2012)

"The journey of a lifetime" - Next Year Jerusalem (2014)

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single parrot." - Paulie (1998)

"The journey will change her forever" - The Girl (2012)

"The journey. The music. The legacy." - Nas: Time Is Illmatic (2014)

"The judge sentenced slumlord Louie Kritski to six months in his own building. He would have been better off in jail." - The Super (1991)

"The kid was only a winner in his dreams... until his hero stepped out of his fantasies to fight at his side. A dreamer and a champion. An unbeatable team" - Sidekicks (1993)

"The kids and work come first... the come last." - Couples Retreat (2009)

"The king can do as he likes" - Game of Thrones (tv)

"The king has returned" - The Lion King (1994)

"The king of the rink is about to meet America's ice queen." - The Cutting Edge (1992)

"The Knables signed up for a cable system that's out of this world. A comedy adventure on the wrong side of the screen." - Stay Tuned (1992)

"The lamb that saved the world" - The Lion of Judah (2011)

"The lamb who saved the world" - The Lion of Judah (2011)

"The last chapter was just the start." - Starting Out in the Evening (2007)

"The last charge of the Calcutta Light Horse." - The Sea Wolves (1980)

"The last guy she wants is the only one she needs." - Drive me Crazy (1999)

"The last man on Earth is not alone" - I Am Legend (2007)

"The last man standing gets the kitty." - Tomcats (2001)

"The last neighborhood in America." - Talk Radio (1988)

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