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"She has 24 hours to grow up" - Helen Alone (2014)

"She has a killer appetite." - Compulsion (2013)

"She has a lot to live up to. And a few things to live down." - Girl Most Likely (2013)

"She has been quite promiscuous since early childhood. She has absolutely no control over her sexual impulses. Miss Rosebud has arrived!" - Rambling Rose (1991)

"She has nothing to hide. Except her family." - The Perfect Family (2012)

"She has the best of both worlds... Now, she has to choose just one." - Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)

"She has the code. He is the key." - Safe (2012)

"She hired him to watch her." - Separate Lives (1995)

"She hit the road. The road hit back." - Tammy (2014)

"She inherited a fortune. He married it. She trusted him. He was found guilty once. But a team of law students and their professor are about to give him a second chance." - Reversal of Fortune (1990)

"She is a brilliant psychiatrist. He is a streetwise cop. Together they are..." - Almost Dead (1994)

"She is a stranger in a small town. She changed her name. Her looks. Her life. All to escape the most dangerous man she's ever met. Her husband." - Sleeping With the Enemy (1991)

"She is my lover." - The Spirit (2008)

"She is not supposed to exist" - Splice (2010)

"She just kept swimming..." - Finding Dory (2016)

"She just needed a month to change his life forever." - Sweet November (2001)

"She just wanted to make a difference. She wound up making history." - The Mighty Macs (2011)

"She knew him from his books. He remembered her from her letters. But when they finally met, she was like no one he had ever known." - Shadowlands (1993)

"She knew his face. His touch. His voice. She knew everything about him... But the truth." - Sommersby (1993)

"She knows a sucker when she sees one." - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

"She knows when you've been naughty" - Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010)

"She lived in a prison without walls until love set her free" - Faded Memories (2008)

"She lived many lives - except her own" - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009)

"She lives in the present... she loves in the past." - Laura Smiles (2006)

"She lost her liberty and found her freedom" - Provoked: A True Story (2007)

"She lost her perfect love... until she found his perfect double." - The Face of Love (2013)

"She loves me. She loves me not." - Ceremony (2011)

"She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise." - Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

"She may not be where she expected to be but she's warming up to the possibilities." - New in Town (2009)

"She met the perfect man. Then she met his mother." - Monster-In-Law (2005)

"She met the wrong man at the wrong time and it was wonderful" - For The Moment (1996)

"She needs a good man. He wants a smart woman. There are only three things standing in their way." - Daddy's Little Girls (2007)

"She needs the rock to rule." - The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)

"She never forgives. She never forgets. She never left." - The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015)

"She never left" - The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015)

"She only dated men with money... until she met a man with heart." - Priceless (2008)

"She paid five bucks for it. Now she's asking fifty million." - Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? (2006)

"She put her life in his hands. Unfortunately, his hands have a life of their own." - Man Trouble (1992)

"She raised ten kids, on twenty words or less." - The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005)

"She risked life and family to change the world." - A Thousand Times Good Night (2013)

"She rocks. She rules. She reigns." - The Princess Diaries (2001)

"She sacrificed her own dreams to make her daughter's dreams come true." - Stella (1990)

"She sacrifices all for love and others for beauty" - The Countess (2008)

"She sacrificied all for love and others for beauty" - The Countess (2008)

"She sacrificied all for love... and sacrificed others for beauty" - The Countess (2008)

"She set a million hearts racing" - Mercedes (2008)

"She smells like angels ought to smell." - Sin City (2005)

"She strips off her petticoats ...and straps on her guns!" - Cattle Queen of Montana (1954)

"She thought her past was buried... Acceptance has its price." - Taylor (2006)

"She thought she was alone" - Soulmate (2013)