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"Some passions cross all boundaries." - Talk of Angels (1998)

"Some people are afraid of nothing" - Fearless (1993)

"Some people are afraid of nothing." - Fearless (1993)

"Some people are dying to hear it." - Gossip (2000)

"Some people are just dying to be heard" - To Save a Life (2010)

"Some people can buy their way out of anything. Except the past." - Twilight (1998)

"Some people change your life forever" - Carol (2015)

"Some people get better with age. Vincent is not one of them." - St. Vincent (2014)

"Some people get into trouble no matter what they wear." - Striptease (1996)

"Some people have a hard time unwinding." - Box Of Moonlight (1997)

"Some people have all the luck..." - The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick (1990)

"Some people have it all figured out. These are not those people." - Togetherness (tv)

"Some people have it made and some people have it coming to them." - Life Is a Long Quiet River (1990)

"Some people have only one option." - Inhale (2010)

"Some people just can't handle growing up." - Adult Beginners (2015)

"Some people just can't handle Halloween" - Fun Size (2012)

"Some people look for the American dream in the strangest places" - Vegas: Based on a True Story (2009)

"Some people look for trouble. Carol and Marty make their own." - This World, Then The Fireworks (1997)

"Some people make their own miracles." - Lorenzo's Oil (1992)

"Some people need love spelled out for them." - Stanley & Iris (1990)

"Some people never learn." - ABCs of Death 2 (2014)

"Some people talk. Some people listen. When you're 107 and going strong, you do whatever you want." - Roommates (1995)

"Some people tell lies. Others live them." - Stone (2010)

"Some people want to get better in the worst way." - Side Effects (2013)

"Some people will trade anything to get everything" - The Last Time (2007)

"Some people will try anything... even falling in love." - Never Again (2002)

"Some people won't take no for an answer." - Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog (1990)

"Some people work in mysterious ways" - The Adjuster (1992)

"Some people would kill for love. It's always dangerous to presume." - Presumed Innocent (1990)

"Some pets deserve a little more respect than others." - Best in Show (2000)

"Some pig" - Charlotte's Web (2006)

"Some places are meant to be left unfound" - The Darkness Within (2009)

"Some places never let you go" - Black Rock (2013)

"Some realities have no escape" - The Heaven Project (2008)

"Some reassembly required" - American Made Movie (2013)

"Some relationships just won't die" - Burying the Ex (2015)

"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall." - Fall (2014)

"Some rules are perfect for breaking" - Stick It (2006)

"Some rules should never be broken." - A Sound of Thunder (2005)

"Some sacrifices must be made" - The Wicker Man (2006)

"Some sagas just won't die." - Vampires Suck (2010)

"Some secrets are better kept in the dark." - Beautiful Creatures (2013)

"Some secrets are better left buried" - Don McKay (2010)

"some secrets are better left buried" - Unearthed (2007)

"Some secrets are better left buried" - Exposed (2016)

"Some secrets are darker than others." - Blood and Chocolate (2007)

"Some secrets are too big to keep hidden." - Holes (2003)

"Some secrets should never be uncovered" - The Levenger Tapes (2011)

"Some secrets should never come to light." - Darkness (2004)

"Some secrets should stay hidden." - Last Days on Mars (2013)