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"Nobody sees it coming" - The Killer Inside Me (2010)

"Nobody soared higher. Nobody fell further." - Angry Sky (2015)

"Nobody's going down without a fight" - Kung Fu Killer (2014)

"Nobody's perfect. Everybody's flawless." - Flawless (1999)

"Nobody's so good at being so bad." - Love and a Bullet (2002)

"None can stand its mental power!" - The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2003)

"None of us is free if one of us is enslaved." - Not Today (2013)

"Nose nothing." - Happily N'Ever After (2007)

"Not a sound. Not a warning. Not a chance. Not alone." - Red Planet (2000)

"Not all angels are innocent." - Heavenly Creatures (1994)

"Not all children are innocent." - Joshua (2007)

"Not all fairy tales go by the book." - Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil (2011)

"Not all girls want to play with dolls." - Welcome To The Dollhouse (1996)

"Not all heroes are super" - Chronicle (2012)

"Not all miracles come from God." - Devil's Due (2014)

"Not all souls can be saved." - Season of the Witch (2011)

"Not all surgery is intended to cure. Don't move a muscle." - Extreme Measures (1996)

"Not another shallow Hollywood movie. Al Gore was right." - Disaster Movie (2008)

"Not as glamorous as it sounds." - Trophy Wife (tv)

"Not dying doesn't mean you're alive" - Bloodwork (2012)

"Not every criminal wants to be one." - London Boulevard (2010)

"Not every gift is a blessing." - The Sixth Sense (1999)

"Not every gift is welcome." - The Gift (2015)

"Not every island is a paradise." - Black Rock (2013)

"Not every love happens at first sight" - The Way He Looks (2014)

"Not every monster lives in the wild" - The Woman (2011)

"Not everyone is a Peeples person." - Peeples (2013)

"Not everything can be explained" - Red Lights (2012)

"Not exactly mommy material" - Preggoland (2015)

"Not for honor. Not for country. For his wife and child." - Patriot Games (1992)

"Not guts no glory" - The Smurfs (2011)

"Not in his town. Not on his watch." - The Last Stand (2013)

"Not licensed, bonded or insured..." - Moving Day (2012)

"Not made to be broken" - Brooklyn Rules (2007)

"Not nuts no glory" - The Nut Job (2014)

"Not politics as usual" - Madam Secretary (tv)

"Not quite the party you signed up for..." - Every Day (2011)

"not so silent anymore." - Silent Hill (2006)

"Not the same, but equal" - Unity (2015)

"Not the summer camp she signed up for " - Solo (2013)

"Not your average monkey business" - Who's Your Monkey (2008)

"Not your average one night stand" - Contracted (2013)

"Not your classic superheroes. They're the other guys." - Mystery Men (1999)

"Not your everyday fairy tale." - The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela (2008)

"Not your typical crime. Not your usual suspects." - Hoodwinked (2005)

"Not your usual suspects." - Grimm (tv)

"Nothin' but a good time" - Rock of Ages (2012)

"Nothing brings people together like a crappy summer job." - Adventureland (2009)

"Nothing burns like an old flame." - The Ex (2007)

"Nothing but net." - Hop (2011)