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"No limits. No fears. No substitutes." - Goldeneye (1995)

"No looking back." - Scandal (tv)

"No loose ends" - The Human Centipede 3 (2015)

"No loose ends in a circle" - Gone Tomorrow (2015)

"No man could survive this." - Raze (2014)

"No man. No job. No eat." - When The Cat's Away (1997)

"No matter how old you are, come out swinging." - Grudge Match (2013)

"No matter where life takes you, always keep swingin'." - Everyone's Hero (2006)

"No mercy. No shame. No sequel." - Scary Movie (2000)

"No more Mr. Nice Guy." - Payback (1999)

"No name, no past, nothing to lose." - Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

"No names. No badges. No mercy." - Gangster Squad (2013)

"No neighbours. No help. No escape." - Retreat (2011)

"No nudity. No violence. Unspeakable obscenity." - The Aristocrats (2005)

"No one believes her. Nothing will stop her." - Gone (2012)

"No one can be trusted when it comes to Cash" - Ca$h (2009)

"No one can drift forever." - Diggers (2007)

"No one can ever know..." - Ray Donovan (tv)

"No one can outrun their destiny." - Apocalypto (2006)

"No one can protect you." - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

"No one changes anything by playing it safe" - The Soloist (2009)

"No one changes the world alone." - Blood Done Sign My Name (2010)

"No one chooses to be a hero." - The Four Feathers (2002)

"No one comes up here without a damn good reason" - The Hateful Eight (2015)

"No one does women like Crawford MacKenzie." - The Big Tease (2000)

"No one gets away clean" - Traffic (2000)

"No one gets out alive" - Doom (2005)

"No one gets out alive" - Tower Block (2012)

"No one goes quietly" - Boardwalk Empire (tv)

"No one here has to know." - The Hangover Part II (2011)

"No one hides. No one gets away." - No One Lives (2013)

"No one hits as hard as your best friend." - Play it to the Bone (1999)

"No one is a victor by chance." - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

"No one is above the law." - Cop Land (1997)

"No one is ever really prepared." - Unexpected (2015)

"No one is more dangerous than the man who lives two lives." - Assassination Tango (2003)

"No one is safe" - Safe House (2012)

"No one is safe from Son of Sam" - Summer of Sam (1999)

"No one is safe from this bloodthirsty monster! Eight creeping crawling legs of sheer terror!" - The Giant Spider (2013)

"No one is what they seem." - Stonehearst Asylum (2014)

"No one just becomes a murderer" - Hello Herman (2012)

"No one knows who sent it. No one knows who it's for... But everyone's getting the same message." - The Love Letter (1999)

"No one knows you're up there" - Frozen (2010)

"No one loves you like your grandparents" - The Visit (2015)

"No one makes it alone" - Sherrybaby (2006)

"No one misunderstands you better. No actual mothers were harmed during the making of this motion picture." - Mother (1996)

"No one needs anything here. It's all about want." - Twelve (2010)

"No one said marriage was a piece of cake..." - Helena from the Wedding (2010)

"No one saw them coming" - Havok (2010)

"No one stays at the top forever." - Casino (1995)