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"N is for Needle - which pulls the thread, that sews on the Other World buttons we dread." - Coraline (2009)

"Nathaniel Ayers had lost his way. He was about to get a second chance." - The Soloist (2009)

"Nature called. Look who answered. Once you adopt a kid, you've got to keep him." - Big Daddy (1999)

"Nature calls" - Brother Bear (2003)

"Nature created him. Science perfected him. But no one can control him." - Man's Best Friend (1993)

"nature is satan's church" - Antichrist (2009)

"Nature needs a mother like him." - Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist (2011)

"Nature shows no mercy" - The Perfect Storm (2000)

"Nature teaches beasts to know their friends" - Coriolanus (2011)

"NBA superstar Kevin Durant has got game. His biggest fan has none. Things are about to switch!" - Thunderstruck (2012)

"Need a sitter?" - The Sitter (2011)

"Neither zombie nor humans" - The Returned (2013)

"Neo-Tokyo is about to EXPLODE" - Akira (1990)

"Nerves of steel. Body of iron. Brain of stone." - Who's Harry Crumb (1989)

"nervous is normal" - The First Time (2012)

"Never before has a man done so much with so little." - Private Parts (1997)

"Never bet against a man with a killer hand" - Wild Card (2015)

"Never capture what you can't control." - Blackfish (2013)

"Never compromise." - The Iron Lady (2011)

"Never cross the line" - Pusher (2012)

"Never drop the con" - Focus (2015)

"Never follow." - Take the Lead (2006)

"Never forget who you are" - Cypher (2003)

"Never forget. Never forgive." - Sweeney Todd (2007)

"Never get out of bed before noon." - Factotum (2005)

"Never give up" - All Is Lost (2013)

"Never give up" - Any Day (2015)

"Never give up the fight." - Grudge Match (2013)

"Never give up without a fight" - The Wrestler (2008)

"Never give up." - Skin (2009)

"Never give up. Never back down. Never lose faith." - Facing the Giants (2006)

"Never give up. Never give in." - War Child (2008)

"Never go down without a fight." - The Last Rites of Joe May (2011)

"Never is an awfully long time." - Peter Pan (2003)

"Never judge a man by his cover." - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004)

"Never leave your partner behind" - Fireproof (2008)

"Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love." - The Bodyguard (1992)

"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story." - The Hoax (2007)

"never let them tell you what you can't do" - Believe in Me (2006)

"Never lose" - Focus (2015)

"Never make an agent the enemy" - Hunted (tv)

"Never meet your heroes" - Set Fire to the Stars (2014)

"Never pick up strangers." - The Hitcher (2007)

"Never reveal your name. Never turn your back. Never surrender your heart." - The Saint (1997)

"Never ride with a stranger." - Shuttle (2009)

"Never run with the crowd" - The Iron Lady (2011)

"Never shoot blind" - Hunting Season (2012)

"Never sleep again." - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

"Never start a romance you can't put out." - Wilder Napalm (1993)

"Never take off the mask" - The Lone Ranger (2013)