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"In a no-man's land between North and South, you didn't fight for the Blue or the Grey... You fought for your friends and your family." - Ride With the Devil (1999)

"In a perfect world, they never would have met." - Random Hearts (1999)

"In a place that defied belief their only hope was each other" - The Magdalene Sisters (2003)

"In a place this treacherous, what a good spy needs is a spy of his own." - The Tailor of Panama (2001)

"In a quiet town... In a comfortable home... In a perfect family... Evil can be as close as someone you love." - The Good Son (1993)

"In a remote Lebanese village women band together and cleverly scheme to prevent their men from killing each other." - Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

"In a small Irish village, one irresistible woman has all the men in town acting like playboys..." - The Playboys (1992)

"In a small town, on a peaceful lake, a mythical creature is about to come to life." - Magic In The Water (1995)

"In a time of revolution, in a family torn by tradition, one man was consumed by love." - Sunshine (2000)

"In a time of terror no one is safe and nothing is Private." - Private (2005)

"In a time of war, an extraordinary group of women turned a song of hope into a symphony of triumph." - Paradise Road (1997)

"In a time of war, they found themselves in the most dangerous place of all. In love." - Bent (1997)

"In a town full of fiction, everyone has a version of the truth." - Hollywoodland (2006)

"In a town like Twin Peaks no one is innocent." - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

"In a town like Twin Peaks no one is innocent. These are the last seven days of Laura Palmer." - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

"In a town this bad it's no use being good." - Palmetto (1998)

"In a town where nothing ever happens... ...everything is about to happen to Sully." - Nobody's Fool (1994)

"In a town with no future comes a man with a past." - Julian Po (1997)

"In a war between kings even a pawn can change the game" - Paranoia (2013)

"In a word, they're gone." - The Hard Word (2003)

"In a world beyond your imagination a battle for the universe has begun." - Warriors Of Virtue (1997)

"In a world defined by its rules, one woman is ruled by her passion." - A Price Above Rubies (1998)

"In a world filled with secrets, solving a mystery can be murder." - Shanghai (2010)

"In a world filled with the unknown, one boy is about to discover the unforgettable." - The Quest (1986)

"In a world full of denial how do you determine who's telling the truth?" - Ararat (2002)

"In a world gone blind, what if you were the only person who could see?" - Blindness (2008)

"In a world of lies, one man can see the truth" - Mindhorn (2017)

"In a world of make believe she's about to discover the difference between true love... and real life." - An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)

"In a world of power and privilege, one woman dared to obey her heart." - Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (1997)

"In a world of right and wrong, justice is seldom black and white." - White Man's Burden (1995)

"In a world of rituals, in a place of secrets, a man must choose between keeping the faith and exposing the truth. One man is about to challenge two thousand years of tradition." - Priest (1995)

"In a world of secrets, love is the most powerful weapon." - Blue Sky (1994)

"In a world of secrets, the truth is never what it seems." - Under Suspicion (2000)

"In a world of shady characters and dirty deals, this is just business as usual." - The 51st State (Formula 51) (2002)

"In a world of tradition. In an age of innocence. They dared to break the rules." - The Age of Innocence (1993)

"In a world of uber-communication, who really connects?" - Roaming (2012)

"In a world of unseen danger and unspoken passion lies a mystery one woman is determined to solve." - A Stranger Among Us (1992)

"In a world of vicious rivalries and violent betrayals only one thing is sure." - Romeo Must Die (2000)

"In a world on the brink of war. You either march to one tune or dance to another." - Swing Kids (1993)

"In a world on the brink the difference between war and peace was one honest man" - Bridge of Spies (2015)

"In a world ravaged by the undead Ben and Mickey must learn to survive... Each other." - The Battery (2013)

"In a world ruled by pleasure, love is the ultimate seduction." - Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love (1997)

"In a world that expects you to fit in, sometimes you have to stand out." - All Over Me (1997)

"In a world torn by war, they risked everything for love." - The Man Who Cried (2001)

"In a world where criminals make the rules, an innocent boy is out to beat them at their own game." - Fresh (1994)

"In a world where everyone can only tell the truth, ...he's just invented the lie!" - The Invention of Lying (2009)

"In a world where everyone can only tell the truth..." - The Invention of Lying (2009)

"In a world where love isn't always safe, trust can be deadly." - Never Talk To Strangers (1995)

"In a world where nothing is what it seems you've got to look beyond..." - The Usual Suspects (1995)

"In Afghanistan you risk your life to sing" - Afghan Star (2009)

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