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"In the game of seduction there is only one rule, never fall in love." - Cruel Intentions (1999)

"In the harshest place on Earth love finds a way" - March of the Penguins (2005)

"In the heart of suburbia, a hit man with a heart has just moved in. Live's a comedy. It's all in the execution." - The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

"In the heart of the city, a pig with heart." - Babe: Pig in the City (1998)

"In the heat of desire, love can turn to deception. Nothing is what it seems when day turn into night" - Color Of Night (1994)

"In the interest of civilization... conform." - Human Nature (2002)

"In the land of opportunity sometimes life can take a detour" - Dr. Cabbie (2014)

"In the long run we are all dead." - Rip Cage (2006)

"In the maze, getting lost is just the beginning!" - The Man in the Maze (2010)

"In the media circus of life, they were the main attraction." - Natural Born Killers (1994)

"In the midst of the Great Depression they found hope." - Kings of the Evening (2010)

"In the outback some secrets should never be known." - Wrath (2011)

"In the real world there are no happy endings" - A Way of Life (2004)

"In the richest country on Earth, millions of families have been left out in the cold." - American Winter (tv)

"In the ring of death only one man can be king!" - The King of the Kickboxers (1991)

"In the shadow of war, one man showed the world what we stand for." - Bridge of Spies (2015)

"In the shadows of life. In the business of death. One man found a reason to live." - Assassins (1995)

"In the Spring of 1956, in a quaint little town, a crime took place, that shocked a nation... This is the true story." - Intimate Relations (1997)

"In the studio. For the record." - Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes (tv)

"In the sweeping highlands of China, a boy begins a magical journey to save the life of a natural wonder." - The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995)

"In the tradition of Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges, and the Reagan Administration." - Brain Donors (1992)

"In the Warren house if you're not part of the problem you're not part of the family." - Crooked Hearts (1991)

"In the ways of the ancients she found a hope for the future." - Whale Rider (2003)

"In the winter of 1634, an extraordinary man began a perilous journey into the North American wilderness." - Black Robe (1991)

"In the winter of 1634, the Indians made a pact to escort a strange white man on a journey they did not understand. Traveling across 1500 miles of uncharted wilderness became a battle of wills and a test of faith and courage." - Black Robe (1991)

"In the world of magic, the hand is quicker than the eye and love is the wild card." - Rough Magic (1997)

"In the world of social networking... do you know who your frienda are?" - @urFRENZ (2011)

"In the year 2013 two thirds of the population lived. In the year 2013 two thirds of the population died." - Police State (2016)

"In the year 2017 one corporation is building a fortress for the ultimate takeover... Your mind. Welcome to the future." - Fortress (1993)

"In the year 2042 a daughter and her mother are the first to be prosecuted for kidnapping an unborn child. In just two generations what was inconceivable has become a reality." - Rain Without Thunder (1993)

"In their hands, a deck of cards was the only thing more dangerous than a gun." - Maverick (1994)

"In this city, only the cops are above the law." - Edison (2005)

"In this competition... you have to bring your own game." - Immortalized (tv)

"In this game every shot counts." - Just Wright (2010)

"In this game of hide and seek, if you're it... you're dead." - The Hunted (2003)

"In this game, there are no rules." - Playing With Fire (2008)

"In this house no one sleeps" - Dark Circles (2013)

"In this house, an ancient curse was released. Now the dead live and there's hell to pay." - The Slaughter (2006)

"In this house, letting go is never easy." - Introducing the Dwights (2007)

"In this town murder became the neighborhood game" - The Girl Next Door (2007)

"In this war the wind doesn't blow it hurls. War isn't funny... but this movie is." - Delta Farce (2007)

"In this world... redemption comes just once." - Tsotsi (2006)

"In three days, his resurrection will be complete..." - Chemical Wedding (2008)

"In Tita's kitchen, ordinary spices become a recipe for passion." - Like Water for Chocolate (1993)

"In Vietnam the wind doesn't blow, it sucks" - Full Metal Jacket (1987)

"In war they found each other... In each other they found love..." - In Love And War (1996)

"In war, the most powerful weapon is seduction." - The Quiet American (2002)

"In WWI, 20,000 Canadians went into battle. They were known as the stormtroopers. 5,000 of them never came home. This is their story," - Passchendaele (2008)

"In your face" - Blue Chips (1994)

"Indulge in a wicked game of seduction" - Chéri (2009)