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"He'll take your Macbeth away." - Charlie Bonnet (2012)

"He'll totally f**king beat evil." - Super (2011)

"He's 20 feet long and has taken 300 lives. Now, he's about to resurface." - Primeval (2007)

"He's a boxer. She's a knockout. Together, they score." - Body and Soul (1981)

"He's a burning sensation." - Sky High (2005)

"He's a cop accused of murder. And the only man who knows he's innocent is the killer who framed him. This is one case that's going to be settled out of court." - Ricochet (1991)

"He's a cop on the edge. She's a woman with a dangerous secret. And now they're both..." - Fair Game (1995)

"He's a cop that's not. Believe that!" - Blue Streak (1999)

"He's a cop who's reached the Boiling Point." - Boiling Point (1993)

"He's a cop. It's a dirty job... but somebody's got to take out the garbage." - Out for Justice (1991)

"He's a D.C. cop on the outside. She's a Secret Service agent on the inside. Tracking a White House homicide to the First Family's front door." - Murder At 1600 (1997)

"He's a District Attorney. He will risk his life, the lives of his family, everything he holds dear for the one thing he holds sacred.... the truth." - JFK (1991)

"He's a doll. He's a dreamboat. He's a delinquent." - Cry-Baby (1990)

"He's a dreamer... stuck in the real world." - Griff the Invisible (2011)

"He's a force of nature." - The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012)

"He's a guaranteed hit." - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)

"He's a healthy ten year old who's growing four times faster than normal. Now he's about to take off on the biggest adventure of his life... 5th grade." - Jack (1996)

"He's a heartbeat away from catching the killer" - Blood Work (2002)

"He's a heartbreaker... lover... loner... keeping up an image can be a full time job." - Johnny Suede (1992)

"He's a legend. You're history." - Feed the Gods (2014)

"He's a man of peace in a savage land... Suburbia." - The 'burbs (1989)

"He's a people person" - Wilson (2017)

"He's a powder key of black fury that's about to explode!" - Black Dynamite (2009)

"He's a pro. She's a natural." - My Spy (2019)

"He's a public and private dick" - Most Likely to Murder (2018)

"He's a relative nightmare." - Son in Law (1993)

"He's a right tasty geezer!" - Chicken Run (2000)

"He's a shock to the cistern" - Flushed Away (2006)

"He's a singer! He's a dancer! He's a coal-miner! And when Hollywood called, it was the answer to his dreams. So why is everyone saying... " - Bert Rigby, You're A Fool (1989)

"He's a small-town pig whose family has been kidnapped. Now, he's off to the big city to find them. He's got two friends and one secret weapon... He can talk! The little pig who hit it big!" - Gordy (1995)

"He's a student mistaken for a spy. Now all he has to do is rescue a beautiful girl, save all of Europe, and graduate from high school. No problem. He's having the adventure of someone else's life." - If Looks Could Kill (1991)

"He's a super canine computer -- the world's greatest crime biter!" - C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979)

"He's a talent agent. She's a thief. Looks like they've already got somethng in common." - Life With Mikey (1993)

"He's a vampire who hasn't scored in 400 years. Tonight's the night he keeps a date with fate." - Rockula (1990)

"He's about to fall in love with the most scandalous woman of his time!" - Impromptu (1991)

"He's about to fall in love with the most scansalous woman of his time!" - Impromptu (1991)

"He's about to get medieval on you." - Black Knight (2001)

"He's about to have a moment of truth" - The Lie (2011)

"He's about to play the role of his life." - Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (2006)

"He's about to ruin a perfectly good divorce" - A.C.O.D. (2013)

"He's about to turn a five star hotel into a three ring circus." - Dunston Checks In (1996)

"He's across the pond and out of his depth" - How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

"He's all action" - Undercover Brother (2002)

"He's all in" - Wild Card (2015)

"He's America's most wanted... Dad." - Father Hood (1993)

"He's an American. She's a ghost. Vacation romances are always a hassle." - High Spirits (1988)

"He's an angel... Not a saint." - Michael (1996)

"He's an ex-cop with a bad mouth, a bad attitude, and a bad seat. For the terrorists on flight 163... he's very bad news." - Passenger 57 (1992)

"He's an orphan... at the start of a journey: A journey to survive." - The Bear (1989)

"He's armed but she's dangerous." - Taxi (2004)

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