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"Hawaii, 1918. She left Japan for a man she had never met, in a world she couldn't imagine... America." - Picture Bride (1995)

"He always knew he was going to be huge." - The Rocker (2008)

"He always takes one" - The Collector (2009)

"He broke her heart. She broke his everything." - My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

"He came at us with a samurai sword, fire extinguisher and Chinese throwing stars." - The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)

"He came back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. EVERYONE." - Desperado (1995)

"He came from outer space to save the human race. Man or Martian? New wave or opera?" - The Nomi Song (2005)

"He came to New York to meet John Lennon... and the world changed forever." - Chapter 27 (2008)

"He came. He cleaned. He conquered." - Joe Dirt (2001)

"He came. He saw. He conquered. One sister at a time." - About Adam (2001)

"He came. He saw. They conquered." - Furry Vengeance (2010)

"He came. He sawed." - Open Season (2006)

"He came... she came... they both came" - They Came Together (2014)

"He can taste your fear" - Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

"He can't wait to take it out for a spin." - Sex Drive (2008)

"He carries death... and a shovel!" - Hellmouth (2014)

"He changed our country... one yard at a time." - The Express (2008)

"He charges $10 but he's willing to negotiate." - Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)

"He connects to thousands but can't connect to one" - Manny Lewis (2015)

"He couldn't make it big, so he made it up." - Full of It (2007)

"He created an invention that turned on half the world" - Hysteria (2011)

"He creates the havoc. She takes the blame." - Drop Dead Fred (1991)

"He defied an empire and changed the world" - Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

"He delivers" - The Courier (2010)

"He did what he had to do." - Hoffa (1992)

"He didn't catch a word... but understood it all" - The Perfect Stranger (2012)

"He didn't get his 15 minutes of fame ...he stole it." - Run Ronnie Run! (2002)

"He didn't resist temptation. He pursued it." - The Libertine (2005)

"He doesn't care if you're naughty or nice" - Bad Santa (2003)

"He doesn't hide the truth... he just filters it." - Thank You For Smoking (2006)

"He doesn't just beat his opponents... he creams them." - The Calcium Kid (2004)

"He doesn't make sense. She doesn't make sense. Together they make sense." - Untamed Heart (1993)

"He doesn't play golf... He destroys it." - Happy Gilmore (1996)

"He doesn't want money. He wants what money can't buy." - The Good Thief (2003)

"He fell in love for the first time... she fell in love forever." - Autumn in New York (2000)

"He fights like a man so he can become a woman." - Beautiful Boxer (2005)

"He finally found the perfect girl." - A Guy Thing (2003)

"He finally met the girl of his dreams. Too bad her dad's a nightmare." - Meet the Parents (2000)

"He finds 'em, and flips 'em." - Counting Cars (tv)

"He fought repression with his greatest gift. His imagination." - Imagining Argentina (2003)

"He fought to save the world. They fought to save him." - Sergio (2009)

"He found himself in the love around him." - Fugitive Pieces (2008)

"He gave a year of his life. Now he's stealing it back." - Wasteland (2013)

"He gave her a gift this town will never forget." - Christmas in Conway (tv)

"He gave her a ring. His mom gave her a finger." - Monster-In-Law (2005)

"He gave her flowers. She gave him a chance." - Bed Of Roses (1996)

"He gave them everything. Now it's time to give back." - Thunder Soul (2010)

"He gave up what he believed in for the ones he loved." - Instinct (1999)

"He got reality mixed up with a dream. A bad dream." - The Woman Chaser (1999)

"He had a scheme. She had a motive." - Flawless (2008)