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"Born in darkness. Sworn to justice." - Spawn (1997)

"Born in hell. Sworn to justice." - Spawn (1997)

"Born into poverty. They fight to win a better life. They are eight year old girls." - Buffalo Girls (2012)

"Born November 2, 1984. Dies September 13, 1991. They saved the best... for last." - Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

"Born of a spirit too wild to tame. Damned by a world too civilized to conquer." - Legends Of The Fall (1994)

"Born of men. Raised by animals. Destined for adventure." - Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (1994)

"Born on the battlefield." - Conan the Barbarian (2011)

"Born to be loved. Born to be free." - Born to Be Wild (2011)

"Born to be wild." - A Bug's Life (1998)

"Born to bee wild" - Bee Movie (2007)

"Born to fight. Trained to kill." - Elektra (2005)

"Born to lose. Destined to win." - Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

"Bound by hope. Driven by passion." - Mad Ship (2013)

"Bow to none" - The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable (2012)

"Boy in a flack jacket meets girl in a straight jacket" - Stateside (2004)

"Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl's cousin." - A Guy Thing (2003)

"Boy meets parrot meets girl" - A Bird of the Air (2011)

"Boys in the hood" - Cars (2006)

"Boys n the wood." - Open Season (2006)

"Boys will be boys" - Chronicle (2012)

"Boys will be boys. Jess will be Jess." - New Girl (tv)

"Boys will be boys... some longer than others." - Grown Ups (2010)

"Brace for impact" - Urban Assault (2006)

"Brace yourself for Melvin. A comedy from the heart that goes for the throat." - As Good As It Gets (1997)

"Brace yourself." - Bulworth (1998)

"Brace yourselves, America" - How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

"Break the law to protect it." - The Green Hornet (2011)

"Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life." - Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

"Break the silence" - Hannibal (2001)

"Break the silence." - FreedomLess (2007)

"Breakdancing has evolved" - Planet B-Boy (2008)

"Breakdancing isn't dead. It's been in a coma." - Kickin' It Old Skool (2007)

"Breakfast TV just got interesting" - Morning Glory (2010)

"Breakfast will never be the same!" - The Dead Don't Scream (2008)

"Breaking the law to protect it" - The Green Hornet (2011)

"Brian's about to discover the woman he loves isn't the woman he loves. A true story as far as he knows." - The Truth About Cats And Dogs (1996)

"Bribery. Blackmail. Murder. Specialties of the house." - Bad Company (1995)

"Bright lights, lost souls..." - Unmade Beds (2009)

"Bright lights. Hit songs. Country's biggest star. He'd trade it all to find the kind of love he'd only sung about." - Pure Country (1992)

"Bring a bib, it's gonna get messy" - The Slammin' Salmon (2009)

"Bring it to me" - Trance (2013)

"bring it." - Bringing Down the House (2003)

"Bring on the beer. They've got the nuts. Prepare for the ultimate chug of war." - Beerfest (2006)

"Bring the pain" - Damage (2010)

"Bring your doggy bag" - Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)

"Bring your faith. Bring your doubt. Bring your voice. Bring your love." - Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love (2009)

"Bringing sexy back... from the dead." - Otto; or Up with Dead People (2008)

"Bringing work home can be awkward." - Ground Floor (tv)

"British intelligence is on fire" - Johnny English Reborn (2011)

"Broadway Hollywood Success Betrayal Sex Death Redemption" - Making the Boys (2011)