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"A far off land. A far off journey. A far off adventure." - A Far Off Place (1993)

"A father whose life was his family. A son whose music was his life." - Shine (1996)

"A father. A son. A revolution." - Baadasssss! (2004)

"A fatherless boy had almost given up all his dreams... until one man believed in him enough to make them come true." - The Man Without a Face (1993)

"A fearful chicken runs afowl." - Quest for Camelot (1998)

"A fearless life. A reckless love." - Noble (2014)

"A few good hen" - Chicken Run (2000)

"A fight for our future" - The Last Mountain (2011)

"A film about Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - A Marine Story (2010)

"A film about life, death & supermarkets" - Pulp (2014)

"A film about life, death and supermarkets..." - Pulp (2014)

"A film about Love and her victims." - London (2006)

"A film about men... who like My Little Pony" - A Brony Tale (2014)

"A film about the birth of the now" - Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

"A film about the world's 27 million most terrifying secrets." - Call + Response (2008)

"A film of epic portions" - Super Size Me (2004)

"A film so powerful it would change the course of history" - Days of Glory (2007)

"A film, a people, a legend." - Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2002)

"A fire will rise" - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

"A fish-out-of-water comedy." - Aquamarine (2006)

"A forbidden love will change the world." - David & Fatima (2008)

"A former Rockstar is hunting down a Nazi Criminal. This could be his greatest hit." - This Must Be the Place (2011)

"A four hundred year old work-in-progress." - Looking For Richard (1996)

"A friendship no one ever thought possible. An adventure no one ever will forget." - Zeus and Roxanne (1997)

"A friendship that became a rivalry." - The Prestige (2006)

"A friendship you could never imagine." - Free Willy (1993)

"A fugitive in his own mind." - The Wrong Guy (1997)

"A funny story about a family... And the little girl who started it. Big laughs come in small packages." - Curly Sue (1991)

"A funny thing happened on the way to Iraq." - Delta Farce (2007)

"A funny thing happened on the way to rehab." - Why Stop Now (2012)

"A future blooms." - The Vampire Diaries (tv)

"A game with no rules." - Playing God (1997)

"A gathering of friends. A gift of love. A celebration of life." - It's My Party (1996)

"A generation's final journey begins" - Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

"A genius con artist put to work by the Nazis. A survivor's tale you've never seen before." - The Counterfeiters (2007)

"A ghost story for the minimum wage" - The Innkeepers (2011)

"A girl never forgets her first love." - Homecoming (2009)

"A girl on a mission... A legend on the run!" - Off the Lip (2004)

"A girl, a gun, and nowhere to go." - River of Grass (1994)

"A girl. A machine gun. A revenge." - The Machine Girl (2008)

"A global documentary of local proportions" - The World According to Sesame Street (2006)

"A god-king must die" - 300 (2007)

"A grandfather's legacy... A grandson's discovery... And a journey that will take him to the last thing he ever expected to find..." - The Ultimate Gift (2007)

"A granny who kicks butt" - Hoodwinked (2005)

"A grave proposal" - Corpse Bride (2005)

"A great tragedy has befallen the royal family leaving only one heir to the throne... A comedy of majestic proportions." - King Ralph (1991)

"A gripping comedy about letting go." - Spanking The Monkey (1994)

"A gripping comedy. Everyone wants a piece of the action." - Touch (1997)

"A hard-core comedy" - Finding Bliss (2010)

"A hardcore comedy... about softcore medics" - Skid Marks (2007)