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"A new comedy about giving first love a second chance." - Down to You (2000)

"A new comedy about love, laughter and larceny." - Two If By Sea (1996)

"A new comedy about people who will do anything to get famous... or stay famous." - Celebrity (1998)

"A new comedy about sex, murder and seafood." - A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

"A new comedy from Germany. Seriously. Nothing can burn you like the past." - What to Do In Case of Fire (2002)

"A new comedy of no manners" - Carnage (2011)

"A new comedy that proves there's more to attraction than meets the eye." - She's All That (1999)

"A new country. A new life. A new love." - August Evening (2008)

"A new evolution of hero" - Push (2009)

"A new face. A new life. A new you." - Identicals (2016)

"A new film from the heart of native America." - Smoke Signals (1998)

"A new friend. A new threat. A new adventure that will capture your heart." - Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997)

"A new greed of hero" - Bank$tas (2014)

"A new home. A new life. Seen through eyes that see everything." - In America (2003)

"A new horror phenomenon has awoken" - The Diabolical (2015)

"A new kind of enemy. A new kind of war." - Starship Troopers (1997)

"A new kind of nanny is coming to town." - Mental (2012)

"A new land. A different love. An extraordinary life." - Drawing Home (2014)

"A new level of fear" - Big Sky (2015)

"A new musical romance for the 21st century!" - Anything But Love (aka Standard Time) (2003)

"A new mystery is born." - Extant (tv)

"A new romantic comedy about Love, Fate, and other Delicacies" - Delicacy (2011)

"A new romantic comedy full of love, laughs and last chances." - Last Chance Harvey (2008)

"A new school's gonna rule..." - Shark Tale (2004)

"A new series about getting there. Everything can happen." - How to Make It in America (tv)

"A new sort of comedy." - Everything's Gone Green (2007)

"A new spin on the old song and dance." - Love's Labours Lost (2000)

"A new term for trouble" - Wild Child (2008)

"A new version for new audiences to discover and everyone to be inspired by." - The Passion of the Christ (2004)

"A New York City liberal melts down and decides to practice what he preaches for one year, turns off the electricity, stops making garbage, gives up television, taxis and take out, and becomes a walking, bicycling, composting, tree-hugging, polar bear-saving, local food-eating 100% sustainably living citizen of planet Earth, all while taking his baby daughter and caffeine-loving, luxury-seeking, retail-obsessed wife along with him...." - No Impact Man (2009)

"A New-England folktale" - The Witch (2016)

"A night to die for" - Prom Night (2008)

"A noble warrior and a brave girl find the magical sword." - Quest for Camelot (1998)

"A one night experiment in infidelity" - The Freebie (2010)

"A one night history of the blues." - Lightning In a Bottle (2004)

"A one night stand to end all others" - Knocked Up (2007)

"A paceful hideaway. A seductive houseguest. An incurable case of spring fever. The simple life will never be the same." - Country Life (1995)

"A partially true story about lies told, virtue lost and love found." - Casanova (2005)

"A passion beyond love. A crime beyond murder." - The Innocent (1995)

"A passion beyond words." - Sylvia (2003)

"A passion so consuming it transforms you and makes you do the unbelievable, the unimaginable, the unthinkable. How far will you go for love?" - Captives (1996)

"A people's struggle to save the animal at the heart of their culture" - Last of the Elephant Men (2015)

"A perfect assassin. An innocent girl. They have nothing left to lose except each other." - The Professional (1994)

"A perfect mismatch." - My First Mister (2001)

"A perilous journey to freedom" - The North Star (2013)

"A personal look at the most important illustrator of the last 100 years" - Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (2013)

"A place of betrayal. The fate of a king. A time for heroes. All for one and one for all." - The Three Musketeers (1993)

"A place where dreams are cancelled." - The TV Set (2007)

"A place you leave is a place that lives forever." - The Lost City (2006)

"A place you'll never forget. A time you'll always remember." - Indian Summer (1993)

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