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Mar 02 10:26:31pmradiofanWhat a way to ruin a really great campaign with fake looking backgrounds and CGI-esque airbrushing
Mar 02 05:40:33pmMikeVisually Breathtaking but Distracting ..... I thought it's Fire behind him and when I opened the Poster His suit turned out to be wet :D How's that?! It's a Kind of Fail :/
Mar 02 05:02:36pmFelipeAnd this is how you ruin it...
Mar 02 01:52:20pmThe BirdOne word....outstanding!
Mar 02 11:52:37amdesignerdwow. bad retouching.
Mar 02 06:52:06amMihir Shahinspired from
Mar 02 06:51:07amMihir Shahinspired from
Mar 02 04:35:02amShannonThat jacket is cool.
I want it.
Mar 02 01:43:50amNategood
Mar 02 01:03:05amJoeWhat a mess.
Mar 01 10:57:52pmJ. DrewThis probably started as something cool and ended up here.
Mar 01 10:45:38pmNicolas1990These are the worst posters Ive ever seen, there just copying other films.
Mar 01 10:36:17pmAlejandroOMG this posters sucks sooo bad... they all look like the ugly people from Hills Have Eyes, specially this girl.
Mar 01 08:52:54pmWarpedDoes the right side look super stretched out to anyone??
Mar 01 07:33:03pmOhI've actually never seen this show, is it animated? (The teaser has a cartoon dragon and with these I just assumed?)
Mar 01 07:30:24pmYamesHe needs a gun and a 007 logo.
Mar 01 07:15:22pmawesome.bravehearts.
Mar 01 06:44:46pmConorI see more "Rome" in these posters.
Mar 01 06:43:21pmI don't get it..Is the blue supposed to be winter? Why is it in all of them the blue sides of their faces look smaller and the other white sides look really stretched out. I dont think i get it...
Mar 01 06:38:57pmwowthese blue tones looks so fake and painted...
Mar 01 05:53:54pmconnectThey dug into the ol' trunk and came up with their Terminal poster from back in the day...
Mar 01 05:51:02pmBlueberryREALLY? REALLY? and by the way, REALLY?
Mar 01 05:26:26pmsarahLove it. Deap conflicting peaceful. Great concept
Mar 01 05:19:46pmsarahLike the mystery conflict and peace....great poster
Mar 01 05:10:25pmdevsuper clean
Mar 01 04:15:16pmHueAwesome poster.
Mar 01 04:09:20pmHannibaLecterSweet!

I like it a lot!
Mar 01 03:49:00pmvtdesignerCool. Designing with broken glass is a total pain. They did a nice job on this.
Mar 01 03:11:53pmTravisone them is Mub who's the other slug?
Mar 01 02:56:43pmMovielover45English tagline translation (about):

Evil Resides at the Other Side