IMP Awards > Battle of the Movie Posters: Remakes vs. Originals

The general opinion is that remakes are rarely better than the original films. But what about their movie posters? We've gathered together a collection of the main posters for many remakes in recent years along with with their original counterparts (or previous remakes in several cases).

For the most part the originals easily win out as far as we are concerned, especially in the case of iconic posters for the original versions of The Evil Dead, Red Dawn, Fright Night, Halloween, and The Hitcher. Still, there are a few bright spots amongst the remakes. The new version of A Nightmare on Elm Street , for instance, benefited from being able to sell the creepy image of Freddy Kreuger while the original seemed to have no idea of what the villain even looked like. Some of our favorites among the remakes include Piranha, My Bloody Valentine, and Planet of the Apes. So what are your thoughts regarding the best and worst posters for remakes compared to the originals?

Carrie     Evil Dead     Red Dawn     Sparkle     Total Recall     Arthur
Footloose     Fright Night     Straw Dogs     Clash of the Titans     A Nightmare on Elm Street     Piranha
Fame     Friday the 13th     My Bloody Valentine     Sorority Row     The Stepfather     The Taking of Pelham, 1 2 3
The Day the Earth Stood Still     Death Race     Prom Night     The Women     Halloween     Hairspray
The Heartbreak Kid     The Hitcher     3:10 to Yuma     The Invasion     Black Christmas     The Hills Have Eyes
The Omen     Poseidon     The Shaggy Dog     When a Stranger Calls     The Wicker Man     The Amityville Horror
Assault on Precinct 13     Bad News Bears     The Fog     Fun With Dick and Jane     Guess Who's Coming to Dinner     King Kong
The Longest Yard     The Producers     Yours, Mine and Ours     Alfie     Dawn of the Dead     The Flight of the Phoenix
The Manchurian Candidate     The Stepford Wives     Walking Tall     Freaky Friday     The In-Laws     The Italian Job
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre     Willard     Mr. Deeds     Rollerball     The Time Machine     Planet of the Apes
Down to Earth     Ocean's 11     Sweet November     13 Ghosts     Bedazzled     Get Carter
Gone in 60 Seconds     Gloria     The Haunting     House on Haunted Hill     The Out-Of-Towners     The Thomas Crown Affair