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Over the years Tom Cruise has earned the unofficial title of King of the Big Headed Movie Posters. We decided to take a look at the posters from his career and sort them according to the size of his head. For the first dozen or so his claim to the throne seems to be well deserved. All you seem to need to know about a Tom Cruise movie is the fact that he is in it - and perhaps a hint at the mood of his character. We've got Intense Cruise, Mysterious Cruise, Blindfolded Cruise, Scruffy Cruise, Confused Cruise, Happy Cruise, Vampire Cruise, and let's not forget Cruise With Sunglasses.

Does a big Cruise head mean big box office results? Not particularly. His biggest box office success (in un-adjusted dollars) is War of the Worlds and he isn't even featured on its US posters. You could fit his poster heads from the huge hits Top Gun or Rain Man inside his nose from the underperforming Days of Thunder. Would a poster featuring only his face still draw you to the theaters?

As for quality, there's unfortunately not a whole lot of room for originality when his face is taking up over half the page. Of the big-headed designs our favorites would likely be Minority Report or Risky Business. Among the rest, we've always liked the simplicity of Collateral as well as the artwork for Legend. What are your thoughts?

Days of Thunder Minority Report Jack Reacher Mission: Impossible The Firm Risky Business Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol The Last Samurai Vanilla Sky Mission: Impossible III Jerry Maguire Interview with the Vampire
Born on the Fourth of July Mission: Impossible 2 Knight & Day Far and Away A Few Good Men Oblivion Cocktail Collateral Lions for Lambs Eyes Wide Shut All the Right Moves Top Gun
Rain Man Legend The Outsiders Rock of Ages The Color of Money Magnolia Valkyrie Taps Losin' it War of the Worlds