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other sizes: 1012x1500 / 2024x3000American Hero Movie Poster

American Hero (2015)


After the laughably bad international poster for Chef that won last year, we were actually almost disappointed going through the selection from 2015 because nothing really seemed to come close in terms of sheer awfulness. But as soon as we saw this design for American Hero we knew we had our winner. It may not quite reach a similar level of disaster but, man, is it bad!

We're guessing that constipated / confused was not the expression they were wanting to go for on Stephen Dorff's face, but there it is. Not sure what they did with Eddie Griffin but it is seriously wrong. What is he looking at? Why is he smiling? Does he not notice the hail of bullets headed their way? Is he not worried about the lightning and the flying debris all around him? And as a final insult, check out those incredibly unrealistic flames on the house in the background. A total mess.

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