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2015 IMP Awards - Best Teaser Movie Poster Nominees


Brilliant in its simpliciity, this is one example where the use of white space was essential for the design. Bound to grab your attention from across the room, you have to look closely just to see the title character.


The most iconic prop from the story of Cinderella serves as the ideal focus of the teaser poster. It also helps that it's one gorgeous glass slipper.

The Good Dinosaur

This cute cave drawing is a great introduction to the "what if" idea of a world where dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

The Hateful 8

A snowbound cabin in the middle of the wilderness, blood-spattered footprints leading up to it, and eight silhouettes representing the characters of the title. Just the kind of tease a teaser should be.

In the Heart of the Sea

A great image highlighting how tiny and fragile the ship appears to be compared to the enormous whale.

And the winner is...