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2015 IMP Awards - Best Comedy Movie Poster Nominees


There's something seriously wrong with the children at play on this road sign. A hilarious way of describing a rather gruesome idea. Great tagline as well.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Modern day idiots and ancient Roman artwork simply do not mix. But that's kind of what makes this poster so funny.


This single image perfectly captures the messed up state of the main character and the reaction of the poor guy who's trying to deal with her.

Uncle Nick

Someone's getting a little tipsy during the holidays. But to the title character it's business as usual as he seems to see himself as we are seeing him, still upright in his chair while the rest of the world is tipped over on its side.


Nothing captures the perfect vacation better than taking a selfie after destroying the family car. The expressions on their faces tell the whole story as they range from the youngest son having the time of his life, the mother just wanting to get out of there, and the father's desperation as he tries to put a positive spin on this latest trip disaster.

And the winner is...