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2015 IMP Awards - Best Action Movie Poster Nominees

Hitman: Agent 47

Anyone familiar with the original game will immediately recognize the logo lit up in the cityscape and the bar-coded / red-tied assassin looking down upon it. Great eye-catching design.

In the Heart of the Sea

A lone man with a tiny harpoon, dwarfed even by the eye of the enormous whale. Captures the scale and desperation of the film's conflict with a single memorable image.

Jurassic World

Just another day at the park as a spectator watches an unbelievably large beast about to snack on a great white shark. We are quickly introduced to the wonder and danger of the world's biggest theme park.


This poster of the Jolly Roger flying over London is one of the more beautiful designs of the year.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Though some may complain that it is not in the same league as many of the designs for the original films, those were some pretty big shoes to fill. This design introduces us to the characters (new and old) in a colorful and dramatic way.

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