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2014 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

Someone clearly had a little too much fun with the head strips on this Mexican poster for the film. It's reminiscent of those awful Christmas advertisements where they doctor a photo to place Santa hats on everyone. If you are forced to stare at this poster for long you may ask such questions as why Dustin Hoffman is in a different resolution than everyone else or why Robert Downey, Jr.'s head appears to be a foot closer to the camera than the rest of his body.
The main question one has to ask here is "Were those the only pictures of the two stars that you had access to?" Because, surely, any other pictures of them would've been better. What are they doing with their bodies and what the heck are they looking at?
Left Behind
You know a poster is in trouble when the expression on your lead actor's face seems to be saying "What the hell am I doing in this movie?" And it's not as if the expressions on the actors in the background are much better. Chad Michael Murray has the same expression on his face that toddlers have when they are concentrating on having a bowel movement.
Hit By Lightning
It's always a bad idea to not schedule a few minutes with the actors to do a photoshoot for the poster. It's even worse when people still want an elaborate design involving all the actors. When three actors are in the same bed and they don't look as if they are even in the same zip code, something is seriously wrong.
Little Hope Was Arson
We understand what the makers of the poster were getting at, showing the church in flames and contrasting it with the brilliant sunrise in the distance to represent hope. But what it ends up looking like is a gigantic steeple rocketship launching into outer space, sending out smoke and fire as it blasts off. Surely that was not their intention!

and the winner (loser?) is...