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2014 IMP Awards - Best TV Poster Nominees

American Horror Story: Freak Show
Every year this series comes out with some seriously creepy poster designs and this season was no exception. People will likely be divided on which one was the best of this season but this one, with what appears to be a clown with a freakishly large mouth, was our favorite from the bunch.
This poster for the FX series wisely mimics the hand-stitched style of the original Fargo movie poster.
We get to see the apparent mind-blowing dangers of science with this startling poster for the SyFy series.
Talk about standing out in a crowd! With Claire Danes dressed in a red headscarf amidst a sea of burqa-clad women, this design highlights the season's dramatic clash of cultures.
Sons of Anarchy
With the face of the Jax morphing into a skull, the poster for the show's final season hints at the impending demise of the show and perhaps Jax as well. Seriously creepy.
The Strain
It's hard not to flinch when you first see this rather "eye-popping" design. Not sure which is worse, the tip of the worm bursting out of the eye or the rest of it slithering just beneath the skin. Makes it easy to miss the nice touch of including the eclipse in the pupil.

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