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2014 IMP Awards - Best Teaser Movie Poster Nominees

Inherent Vice
A colorful and eye-catching design with the neon titles and lighting hinting at the seedy nature of the film.
Great use of the the film's title to create the image of a rocket launch. It highlights a simple but beautiful look at the star-filled sky and the main character's farm.
Lego Movie
What better way to announce an upcoming Lego movie than to show them assembling the titles for the film? A cute and imaginative design.
This design creates a claustrophobic feel with the extreme close-up of Gyllenhaal. His reflective shades seem to confirm the tagline that the city shines brightest at night while the halftone filter brings to mind the tabloid images much like his character seeks.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
This near-seemless merging of Magneto old and young fares much better than the awful attempt for X-Men: First Class and makes great use of the X to separate the two characters.

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