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2014 IMP Awards - Best Horror Movie Poster Nominees

As Above, So Below
Nothing like skulls to make a good horror poster, and this one has tons of them as they seem to merge into the upside-down and blood red Eiffel Tower.
The Quiet Ones
It's hard to tell what exactly is going on in this image but it certainly grabs your attention as a seemingly distressed Olivia Cooke peers out of some sort of ink blot.
The Remaining
This design manages to be beautiful and frightening at the same time as some creepy spirit seems to be sucking equally creepy demons up into the sky.
One does not normally think of walruses when you think of horror. But this poster manages to take what may be the most potentially frightening aspect of a walrus, its tusks, and incorporate it into a beautiful and creepy image.
VHS Viral
Each of the VHS films has managed to create creepy skulls out of video tapes. The first one just used a stack of labeled cassettes, the second used strips of tape, and now we have the third one, creating a memorably eerie skull out of unraveled video tapes.
Willow Creek
Each year we tend to have a number of horror posters that create skull images out of seemingly innocent objects. Here, it's more of the other way around, with the misshapened skull (along with bigfoot and the campers) helping to reveal the image of a foot print, something we tend to associate with the bigfoot legend.

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