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2014 IMP Awards - Best Comedy Movie Poster Nominees

Bad Words
Normally, the standard way of representing swear words visually is with a combination of exclamation marks, number signs, and other punctuation. But this poster manages to capture a swear word with an entirely different image. The positioning of Jason Bateman's lips tells us he's saying a word that starts with either F or V and based on the rest of his face we can be pretty sure that he is not trying to say "vacuum".
Dom Hemingway
Alhough the poster tells us little about the plot of the film, it does gives us some insight into the rude and crude title character with an image and tagline that makes you laugh.
Friended to Death
A hilarious poster that perfectly captures the film's plot which involves a man faking his death on social media to see who will care enough to come to his funeral.
A Haunted House 2
Spoofing the creepy poster for The Conjuring, this poster's tagline also manages to poke fun at all the supernatural films that try to pass themselves off as being based on true events.
The Interview
Referring to the filmmakers as "Western Capitalist Pigs", this poster comes across as if it was a piece of propaganda from the North Korean regime that the film mocks.

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